I am addicted to:

Stacy's Pita Chips. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, it doesn't matter - I'll eat them.)

Having the windows open. (We are in a warm spell.)

Nail polish. (Well, maybe not addicted, but enthralled.)

Style blogs. (Can't stop reading.)

That new L'Oreal no-sulfate shampoo which I can't remember the name of and am not getting up and looking for right now but which I like an awful lot and which leaves my hair feeling cleancleanclean without feeling chemically. Ish.

I am avoiding:

Sorting the receipts for the accountant.

Wearing heavy sweaters.

Posting! I start and stop posts all the time but cannot seem to get it together to post anything!

But I'm interested in:

That new product line of L'Oreal's which has no sulfates. I'd like to buy the conditioner but must first finish the hair products in my shower.

So, I'm sitting here listening to our Victrola - except it isn't a Victrola per se. It's a Sonora.
I'm listening to Rhapsody in Blue, and, let me tell you, this is THE way to hear it. It's all full of crackles and breaths and loud silence.
I've had a hard time being motivated to post. No reason in particular, though life does keep me busy.
My boss is away but I have plenty to do in his absence.
At home I've vacuumed and cleaned and laundered and we took a trip to the garden center this morning and, for the first time ever, purchased actual shade-loving plants for our garden. Ever-hopeful, we are guardedly optimistic. (We are plant murderers, I tell you.)

Last night we took my mom out to dinner for her birthday. It was probably the first time she and all of we were together in a long time - someone is always missing! We went to the new, two story, diner and were slightly disappointed that there was very little "diner" food. And, by diner food I mean: roast turkey dinner, a club sandwich, roast beef dinner, meatloaf. They had fancied up the menu and that wasn't what we went for! Never mind. Some had burgers, mom had a big salad and Oldest was the funniest of us all. First he ordered an Irish Coffee. We raised our eyebrows. Who drinks Irish Coffee with dinner? But Oldest had a plan. Week after week, night after night, when I am weary and not feeling like cooking, Oldest will beg for pancakes. Pancakes for dinner are reserved for evenings that K is not home - he doesn't approve. Pancakes for breakfast are not, in Oldest's opinion, the same thing. Night after night, week after week, I did not make them for him. And so, last night, he wanted them. For dinner. But first he asked about them. There were only three in an order and Oldest felt he would not be satisfied.
Want to double-down? The waiter asked.
Yep. I'm gonna do this, Oldest told him and proceeded to polish off six huge pancakes and an entire pitcher of maple syrup.
This is going down! he warned us several times during the meal. And it did.
Middle and I wanted dessert and chose to share a piece of lemon meringue pie.
Much laughing ensued as our mouths were stuck with dense, heavy, soggy meringue.
It was that kind of laughing that makes you cry a little.

Tonight? Country ribs.
The smoke in the yard smells great, the garden has mulch, the loo is shiny and....


Carol said…
Your dinner out sounds fun even if the food was not what you had in mind.

I have used that conditioner with no sulfates and like it fine. I like to feel like the conditioner sort of coats my hair to make it easier to comb out as my hair is naturally very coarse and chemically damaged (Poppy says so) due to color.
I HATE when they gussy-up the diners!

Shit, now I have a craving for a Greek salad.

Just back, so down the street to the diner I can go.
unmitigated me said…
aaryn is in Positano! And she's already stunned. Go see her pix at
Paola said…
I'll be looking for her ... not many places are open, not the best time of the year to come BUT mayeb she saw the Spring Festival held on the beach yesterday. We were all there with our children with kites and lots of activities and playing ...
Thanks MAW.
Sorry Bb, I forgot all about your dinner as soon as I read someone from blogosphere was here.
Anonymous said…
Spring cleaning! New plants! Staticky sounding music recordings! Sounds like all is grand with you, but I'm especially glad for Oldest getting to "double-down" breakfast at dinner!
jenny said…
I have the shampoo and conditioner...I really like them both. Awesome suds in my wicked hard water, which is unusual.
barbra said…
Pita Chips, Me Too!

(Can't help you with the trying-to-make-yourself-post. Obvs)