on the other hand...

Tonight on the train I sat next to the window.
A large, older man, chewing his teeth, sat next to me and exhaled dramatically.
It was then that I realized that his breath was horrible.
I kept my attention toward the window but was slightly put out when he fell asleep and shoved against me, smashing me into my portion of the seat.
To add insult to injury, he start to snore loudly.
I turned up my iPod and endured until he got off the train.
But, just as I spread out a little, another large gentleman sat himself down next to me.
He didn't fall asleep or smush me against the wall of the train but he reeked of alcohol!

I had a beast of a day at work.
Things didn't run so smoothly - I overlooked a couple of details and there were snags in the proceedings ...but, at the same time, I felt like I was on top of things - I managed an onslaught of requests and micromanaged the day successfully (if you want 10 or 15 or 20 minutes with my boss I can arrange it) and, so, felt somewhat accomplished.
As I've grown in my job my errors have become less significant and I feel a sense of ease, even in my mistakes.
It helps tremendously that my boss continues to be patient as, I can only imagine, I've made an immeasurable difference in the way he interacts with everyone at the office.
The bottom line?
I'm still learning every day and I still love being at work.

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These arrived today.
K thinks they look cheap. (And they are, relatively speaking.)
Middle thinks they make me look like I should be "poolside, with a wide-brimmed hat and a cocktail" and Youngest hates them.
But they are SO comfortable and I am SO tall when I wear them!
Though they DO highlight my incredibly short toes...we'll do a comparison when the others arrive, okay?

There's more snow in the forecast, so, NO HURRY.

Here's a funny thing: I haven't seen a single episode of this season's Survivor and not only am I doing okay but I don't think I can tune in at this point. I may, actually, miss an entire season of one of my favorite television shows.
It's, sort of, liberating!


Scot said…
I'm not sure which is worse, unintended stinky or well intended stinky. I had a (really BIG) woman in the shop today wearing enough perfume for 10 people. I was reminded of a line from a book I read. Her perfume "filled the room like bad news." I don't know about your stinky train tramps but this lady literally made my eyes water. At least she didn't squash me!
Anonymous said…
EWWWWWWWW. Why didn't you wake no.1 guy, excuse from no.2 and LEAVE.
Maybe you should have gone for thinner straps in order to lighten the sandals and therefore your feet. But I stand by my position and hold it. I love platforms. Can't wait to see others.
I am also happy you are giving up Survivor, egoistically.
Scot, I'll start using your line about the perfume/bad news. LOVES IT.
Anonymous said…
Kind of makes you wish you kept a roll of Mentos in your bag, eh?
RW said…
I too, am looking forward to the comparison.

No Survivor for us this season.
We can only handle one TV show at a time and we are watching LOST.
Caterina said…
I work with the public. I get whiffs of alcohol, too much perfume, and bad breath all day long. I've learned to really keep a distance.

I agree with Middle about the shoes.
Anonymous said…
There is really nothing worse than being slayed by someone's halitosis. Ewww is right. And you can't say anything! Confronting it is too socially awkward. But the offender is really the one breaking all the rules of social etiquette in the first place. Ay, what a conundrum.

So cork soles are adorable...but very season specific. I like them, but don't want them to be the only ones you end up with. Plus, I thought you disapproved of sandals at the office.

Amy A. said…
It's a whole different show this season, what with all the familiar faces. That's probably why you feel like you're not missing anything. Might be a nice thing to watch a whole season while on vacation. Something to savor for later if you get the inclination.