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That's a nice blouse and I guess you don't have to iron it!

If you wore it once, you shouldn't wear it again.

Bon mots from my mother.

So, I'm watching Survivor!

I like that the challenges are vintage - great idea.

I got my third pair of shoes today, speaking of vintage: Kork-Ease!

I had a pair when I met K and that was a long long time ago. Hence the words of wisdom from my mother (who brought over a fabulous meat loaf tonight).

The Survivors do yoga on the beach while Russell looks for the Immunity Idol? Some things never change.

He finds it while they do the warrior pose.

Don't you love hearing Jeff shout C'mon in guys?

Oooh. Cerie's been voted out.

Frankly, I was surprised she lasted as long as she did last's time for a challenge! It's a chocolate challenge!

James gets hurt, his knee pops out and the Australian medical lady sounds so lovely.

I'm such a sucker for accents, I'll tell you whut.

Wow! An amazing shot wins the reward! (Was that Jeri? Is that her name?)

Russell and Pavarti bond over chocolate but Russell wants Coach on his side.

James comes back to camp! It's a big deal!

He's hobbling but doing well enough to be in camp.

Hey, Candice says James is dead weight and has to go. I think I don't like her.

Ya know the commercial for Clash of the Titans? When the guy says: Release the Kraken!?

We want to know: where do they KEEP the Kraken before they release him?

I missed some other dramatic event whilst telling my mom about the giant woman who sat next to me on the train (who was impeccably dressed and happy and nice and made a lovely impression on me - which I was surprised about, and have no idea why, but, seriously, she was nearly seven feet tall...[run on much?])

The puzzle on Survivor appears to be a Tetris-style puzzle. Does Mom know what Tetris is?

Of course! I'm not that old.

It's a very screamy challenge.

Villains win immunity.

(I can't quite figure which team I'd vote for.)

Are they going to vote James out?

Will I keep tonight's shoes?

Could the women on this show look any skinnier?

There's a little skirmish over voting for James. People are discussing strategies in the game, which I think is unusual.

Tom does some politicking.

James does some lobbying.

Tom goes...which bring a gasp from the crowd (okay, from the group in my living room).

I am still, sort of, kind of, catching a cold. Can that be? I have a scratchy throat and itchy ears and a headache. I keep taking Oscillococcinum and it keeps going away but it's been a couple of weeks. Now I'm going to stop taking Oscillococcinum and let myself catch the damn cold.

I think you are all caught up now.


Anonymous said…
That wasn't yoga. That was 'dragon chi' - Coach's own creation to make mind and body one. I have too many snarky comments brimming forth to decide on one.

Anonymous said…
That wasn't yoga. That was 'dragon chi' - Coach's own creation to make mind and body one. I have too many snarky comments brimming forth to decide on one.

ThirdCat said…
I'm impressed that you got the accent...I've only ever heard the medical people have New Zealand accents before, so the Australian one took me by surprise.

We just caught this episode last night. Didn't realise it had started, and we've missed the first few weeks. Glad the mister rang to get our TV fixed.
Mandy and Rob said…
Greetings from the Island of Cyprus, enjoyed the blog, Regards