itching for Spring


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Are you sensing a theme?

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I've actually had the clogs on - and I proceeded to stand next to my sweet husband and was almost able to look him in the eye.
I am contemplating.
I saw them first here - and cannot stop thinking about them.

In the meantime, I've written a post about four splurges under $40 for here on Thursday, which I hope you'll go and read (don't worry - I'll nudge you again).

On other fronts: I'm not sure what we'll do with no Olympics to watch in the evenings. I know I'll check in on Survivor on Thursday but beyond that I'm not sure. Perhaps I'll blog!

I'm watching House right now - and doing my nails.
Did you know my friend Poppy has shifted the focus of her blog to beauty/fashion? Did you know my friend Poppy has stellar looks and knows everything there is to know about make-up and skin-care?
It's true.
I suggest you visit there toot sweet as I suspect Poppy will provide invaluable information.
And it was Poppy who suggested my manicures.
See? I'm listening to her already.

I want some socks too. I think the shoes need socks.

Call me crazy.


Anonymous said…
As much as I adore your blog and admire your a lovely fashion sense, on this issue I'll have to call you crazy. ;) I just HATE the whole socks-with-sandals look. I have overcome many of my fashion hatreds in time, but this look has been hanging around since I was a wee thing and I can't shake my dislike!
I do like the first pair and if the last were just a tad more delicate I would be in love with them. I adore gray shoes. Also the thought of you being as tall as your husband is very cute.
blackbird said…
It's all good jj!
What a nice way to disagree with me!
They're all gorgeous, but I'm a klutz. If I wore anything that high, I would fall over and break a hip.
Badger said…
I ... do not like the shoes. Any of them. At all. BUT I am prejudiced against wedge-heels ever since I sprained my ankle while wearing some. So don't mind me.

I am ALL ABOUT socks right now, though. I have been buying them like crazy! Why?! I have no idea. But suddenly I love socks. Go figure.
Poppy B. said…
I'm not loving the socks idea, but what about tights? I'd be all over tights--not for spring but to get you into those shoes right now. (When there isn't two feet of snow on the ground.)

Especially with the shooties (second from the top.) I totally see those with thick warm grey tights.
Unknown said…
I adore the first and last pairs! Not so fond of the shooties, myself, but that just means more for you, right? :)

Who makes the top and bottom pairs? I might have to stalk them online until I can afford to treat myself ot some new shoes for spring.
I love platform wedges. Love them. Ohhh... which one will you get?

I guess I mean "ones" since otherwise you would be walking around with one sandal on. That would be weird. And dangerous.
jo said…
Those shoes are just a big twisted ankle and a ripped knee to me. I always think hey are a great idea until I walk over a pebble or some other seemingly innocuous thing and end up looking at the sky with grit in my palms.
so cute though
Anonymous said…
I can't wrap my brain around wedge heels. I just can't.
Amy A. said…
The brown sandals for me, please! :)
Anonymous said…
Ah, see, I LOVE heels. I wear them even though I am 5'9". But I also love me some flats so that I don't have to be a giantess ALL of the time. I am loving these choices for you. Bring on the height! And please, let us know which ones come home to you.

Caterina said…
Doesn't matter whether I likesy or not, there is no way I could wear those shoes. Seriously, I would hit the ceiling. Hahahaha.
KPB said…
That has to be the most God-awful collection of shoes ever compiled.

Are you high on nail-polish fumes?

Have all those spandex body stockings from the Olympics warped your fashion sense?

I can see nothing but arched eyebrows and wry looks of derision from K and a.l.l. the boys.

Jesus, next you'll be talking about using a Bedazzler on your acid-wash denim jacket.

I'm killing you with a tray now. A LOT.
KPB said…
Poppy's suggesting stockings so now all I can see is those ice skater stockings coming down over the outside of those fugly shoes. This could be a win win as not only would it elongate you legs they'd hide the gross crimes against fashion from your fellow commuters and workmates.

Still killing you with a tray.
md said…
I can feel my ankle fracturing just looking at some of those. I fall over while wearing my Danskos though, so if you can strut in those, good on ya.

My beloved editor gently suggested I might want to fancy it up a little more at work =, so I spent the evening on eBay. If anyone bids against me on those Eileen Fisher items, I will cut them!
Anonymous said…
I ADORE wedges. In fact it's the only heels I can actually where here, since they give me SOME stability down the hills to the beach ... you should come here to understand how hard it is to walk around in heels in Positano.
So, dear Kim, hold your tray!