the internet is...well, you know...

Wonder of wonders. A collection a day.

So much to see!

I thought it was called Sock Fetish. You don't want to google Sock Fetish. It's called Sock Dreams and it is the place for socks. (I, kind of, have a thing for socks.)

Fashion. For Nerds. Punctuation? By me.

Levis. Tried. True...and maybe for me.

Oh, if only I could link to the pictures I've just seen of my cousin's sweetsweetsweet baby F! She's a wee tiny adorable girl! You'll have to take my word for it.

He's been away for a while, but he's back.

I've never emailed her but I'm (still) here cheering her on.



Sigh. I'm enjoying this.

Our lives could not be more different. I love Rae and her beautiful children and dear husband and peace-filled community.


Liz said…
I like the J Crew bag, wish it comes in a color other than white.
Anonymous said…
I am going to steal some of those sock styles and knit them for myself.
Poppy B. said…
Love Sock Dreams. I bought my daughter leprechaun thigh highs for St. Paddy's Day. I also got her two pairs of rainbow striped thigh highs (regular rainbow and pastel) for her Easter basket.

And I love Audi's blog. LOVE IT. I'm reading my way through her archives. She's inspiring! Nerds can have fun with clothes! Who knews?
Anonymous said…
I'm a fashion can't. But the collections--that is darn cool. And the advice to sons. Brilliant.
Paola said…
I'm not good with fashion.Yes I love looking at it but if I had to wear things like that, I don't think I could OR would look any good in it. Sigh.
Love that sock dream thing though. As I love NieNie (God is she strong or what) and love love love Rae.
Anonymous said…
Sock Dreams is even more fun to browse in person - they've got a shop in a cute, tiny Victorian right across from my favorite bakery and down the block from the best coffee. Gosh, I miss my old neighborhood. At least I can still shop there!
Anonymous said…
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