the internet is a vast and blogs I heart

Did you know that my pal Poppy has launched a new blog? She has. She is dispensing invaluable information and is spot on on everything she looks at/discusses/tell us. And I'd say that even if she wasn't one of my nearest/dearest.
She's The Beauty Boomer now and she's a genius.

I'm addicted to Valet.. Wonderful stuff, well edited.

Loving TheStyleBlogger. He's a regular guy with perfect taste!

Is India Knight a style blogger? Kinda. Great stuff anyway.

A Continuous Lean always leaves me wanting to read more. Sigh.

Face Goop is tremendous fun.

Finally - JJJJound.

That ought to hold you for a while.


Poppy Buxom said…
Anonymous said…
I checked them all but I'll tell you I got hooked on Poppy since I am reading so many things I had never even thought about and I keep on sighing and shrugging and mostly sobbing at how many things i DON'T DO which could improve my looks.
So Poppy I read you every day, just so you know. And am slowly learning. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll use a concealer or a girdle? Heck mayeb I'll try a spandex camisole. GASP.
eurolush said…
Just got back from Beauty Boomer. Love it. Will definitely be spending time there. I be a Poppy fan.

Also love Face Goop. Belgian Waffle is the BEST. Discovered her about a year ago. Makes me laugh out loud. Blog crush.
kel said…
Hi. Owned a pair of the sandals you posted on Saturday in high school (the 70's). They were a lighter color leather but they look the same. Used to wear them with socks back then, should have kept them...amazing how styles keep coming around.
Poppy Buxom said…
Paola and eurolush--smooches to you, too! xxx

kel--when I graduated from high school, I went to the wild pair and bought myself a pair of black velvet ankle-strapped platforms wedges with silver glitter polkdots and a giant bow on top of a clear plastic vamp. I was glam rock, baby!

If my daughter ever finds out I owned them and then got rid of them, she'll never forgive me.

And now to check out Face Goop. With a name like that, it's got to be good.
MsCellania said…
Am I a weirdo for finding the ironing video strangely soothing?

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