injuries sustained this week

Whilst walking to work one day last week,left knee buckled and bent the wrong way for a second. Made it to the office but was hobbled most of the rest of the week, intermittently and without warning. An elastic bandage offered some support and was appropriately itchy. No swelling or bruising visible. Took some Advil.

Reached and twisted to grasp something heavy (cast iron skillet) and did some kind of Inner Ligament Damage to palm and wrist. Kept washing dishes.

Fell asleep on the train after a tedious day on Thursday and awoke with a stiff neck. By Friday morning experienced tightness on both sides and middle of neck. Applied anesthetic patches and toughed it out all day Saturday but was hampered in doing chores. Four glasses of wine proved beneficial last night - pain greatly diminished, but left side of neck esp. painful this morning.

Endured listening to this on Sunday radio as was otherwise engaged and couldn't change the station. Significant psych damage done in relatively short period.


Paola said…
Just took an Advil myself for my horrendous trigeminal.
BTW it's expired ... will it work?
Scot said…
That song sounds like something from AIDS: The Musical aka Rent.
What were you listening to, the crappy music station? Thank you so much for sharing that little gem! :0)
Hope you're doing better.
eurolush said…
Four glasses of wine can cure just about anything. In my experience. Especially sobriety.
ree said…
See, now, 4 glasses of wine would have made me hurt more. I stick to the lighter liquids.

Like vodka.

Anonymous said…
I sometimes have weeks like this. Wine really DOES help.

Anonymous said…
Shall I wrap you in bubble wrap and set you on a shelf for a while? I can pass up wine and strawberries if you like. Some weeks require that level of TLC.
Amy A. said…
bb, what can I do to change your mind about musical theater? :) Never mind... Stephen Sondheim can be a little tough to take. I did like that show, though.... :)
Kathryn said…
Regarding your neck -- I've found that hitting the pressure points in the back relieve pain in the neck (for some reason, pain is "referred" to different part of the body). Try this: