hits and misses from Old Navy

I went shopping last weekend.
I had to return some items which included two pair of jeans from Old Navy.
I know, I KNOW, everyone had very sound advice regarding jeans, but I wanted to start at the bottom and work my way up. (I do, however, truly appreciate all the fabulous information my jeans-query dug up! The only jeans that I will probably NOT try are the Not Your Daughter's Jeans jeans as I do not have the immediate need for a form-changing pair of jeans.)
Here I've been singing the praises of Old Navy jeans to anyone who asks me and it turns out that they do NOT make a jean that I can wear. Or, more accurately, I can wear some of their jeans but should not.
Everything at Old Navy was $10, $15 and $20 last weekend (and probably this week too) and I got a couple of things.
But there were some dangerous options available too...I'm just sayin -


Do you see this?
NO ONE can wear this.
No one we KNOW IRL, that is.
Do not be fooled into thinking you could throw a shrug on over this and slip on a pair of heels and sit out by the pool.
That isn't your life. (Unless you are a Real Housewife Of Wherever, in which case you should call me.)


And this?
An abomination.
Walk AWAY.
10 year old girls can wear this AND they had better slip a shrug on over it.

But this, on the other hand...

tee dress

This could be a handy little thing to own.
Add a scarf, cute shoes and a chunky bracelet...then TAKE OFF THE BRACELET, YOU HAVE TOO MANY ACCESSORIES ON.

And this:

<span class=

A wee bit short for me, but for you? Terrific!
Business casual!
Khaki! THE color of spring. (Not for me, of course, my color of spring is griege!)

denim skirt

Finally - the denim skirt I've been seeking! $15! ( I know it says $20 - IGNORE THAT.)
I'm planning on switching out my Old Navy brown cord skirt for this one which means I'll be wearing it at least once a week. Maybe more!

My little splurge? This.
But not in white, you silly...in GRAY.


ssheers said…
I went to jcrew yesterday looking for your favorite cardi. I think I found it, but it didn't look right on me.

I bought a slim stretch shirt instead.
Amy A. said…
I have that skirt! What shoes will you wear with it for spring? I've been wearing it now with my boots.

PS. I did not win my little contest. Big sigh...
Anonymous said…
I love your keepers. Such great bargains, too.

Anonymous said…
Also, I can only hope we'll have more man tears on Survivor is you're tuning in. We've had both Boston Rob and Coach in tears lately...if you can imagine!

Anonymous said…
See that business casual shirt dress whatever you call it up there? I own a similar, slightly longer leaner version, in crimson red!
You know me, I should be the one dressing O.N.L.Y. in black, yet I LOVE colours.
Go figure.
Anonymous said…
Ooh, I love that scarf. It's gottalotta balls.

Jeans: Nordstrom does a nice brand called Kut from the Kloth. They have them in the Point of View section. They are modern, but not for teeny-boppers. Maybe give them a try-on? Roughly $65.00-ish? Can't recall exact price, but I have a pair and may have purchased them during an anniversary sale.

Badger said…
Old Navy does not make jeans I can/should wear, either. BUT I am so happy because Levi's, which stopped making jeans I can wear 10 years ago, now makes ONE STYLE that I can wear and I bought two pairs this week so YAY ME.
Duyvken said…
I love it all! Even the two jumpsuits that you don't like. Just imagine slipping a cape over them for cool days and then trying to get quickly to the toilet :-)

Happy shopping, bb!
My daughter has a friend who is a professional dancer for a sports team. She is a tall, gorgeous redhead and I can picture her in that black jumpsuit.

I would take off the scarf and leave on the chunky bracelet.

I have a weird body. My waist is too small for my hips. Or the opposite. Jeans never fit me.
KPB said…
Well this is a market improvement on that whole caper with the shoes.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes they have great hits--but sometimes they miss with such a colossal lack of focus it stuns me.
MsCellania said…
When I was skinnier, man jeans worked well. Good old 501's; they hung down straight from my hip bones, but were stretched a bit across the bum in the back. I grabbed a bf's pair one morning to go to get the paper and he never got them back.