Help me Obi Wa...Poppy! you're my only hope!*

Dear Poppy,

I have two (possibly three) skincare issues that I need help with and I'm turning to you for product advice.
First, my neck. Poppy, my neck is getting saggy! I think it's starting at my jawline and moving downward to my neck. What do I need? I'm a drugstore/supermarket shopping gal and am overwhelmed with the choices available to me in the $20 range.
Do I need this stuff?

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How silly would I feel using roll-on on my neck? I don't like the word "massaging" and if this thing vibrates I'LL DIE.

What about this?

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Do I use it in the morning? At night?

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Is this stuff better?
The HECK?!

Okay. Problem area number two: my eyes are puffy when I wake up in the morning.
I'm thinking I need help with this...I've been ignoring the "delicate" eye area my whole life and I'm sure I should have been doing SOMETHING before this.
So, remember - from the drugstore (not that I wouldn't love to shop at Nordstrom for these products, but I don't have the budget) what would you recommend?

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Look! Another roll-on! I will admit that I don't mind the idea of not touching the product with my fingers, but it's not a deal breaker.

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Do I need a two-step product (one step for de-puffing and one step for fine lines)?
Do I even HAVE fine lines?
I don't know - and I'm not willing to look at my face with a magnifying mirror, thank you very much.

I'm not married to these product choices and should point out that I have, in the past, been sensitive to something in the Olay product line that made me itchy. If you have an idea from another line I'm open to suggestions!
And, I'll warn you ahead of time - I'm nearly out of cleanser, so if you would like to recommend something for me to wash my face with too, I'd appreciate it.

Any questions?
You know where to find me!



*I'm sure there are others out there with sound advice re my skin care, let me know what you think!


Anonymous said…
I second Crazy Mom on this one. I used to be hot! Alas, now I have underarm roll-on AND under eye roll-on. Sheesh.

Badger said…
DEWD! While we all await Poppy's undoubtedly much more useful answers...

For the puffy eyes, you want an eye treatment product that contains caffeine. And/or you want to (a) get more sleep, (b) elevate the head of your bed slightly, (c) drink less wine before bed.

Nothing will help the jaw/neck issue but surgery. ASK ME HOW I KNOW.
Jen said…
I have the eyelid roll-on stuff. It feels nice and cool first thing in the morning, but it does absolutely nothing.
JJ said…
it's like you read my mind - same questions and drug store focus here. i - a sucker for new products - tried the eye roll-on and suffered a week worth of styes as a result (IMHO). not pretty. Then again, neither are the fine lines, wrinkles or puffy eyes.
Cucumbers and cervical collar.just pretend you blew out a disk. Or start wearing raised collars and scarves a la Candy Bergen.
Scot said…
Hey, I like the saggy neck on a woman. When you give a woman with a saggy neck a hickey, you get a really cool tye-dyed effect...

(OMG!...did I say that out loud?)Sorry, couldn't resist!

Yo, my secret password is STORESS
alice c said…
Respect to Scot. I just added a few more laughter lines to my long term contribution to the plastic surgeons holiday fund.
Paola said…
Oh Scot, thank SO much for your comment. It's ironic, fun, lifting (pun not intended!?!).
For you dear Bb, while I await the precious and more professional approach Poppy will have, may I tell you that I have always used various creams in my eye area since I was very young, as I have VERY sensitive skin. You would think I had gorgeous eyes. You met me. You know the answer. BUT, I keep on using it. What can I tell you ...
Amy A. said…
Let us know if she replies!!

WV: skingic! Coincidence? I think not. :)
Grandma Cebe said…
So Badger, you're saying that pouring Diet Coke on my puffy eyes in the morning works?
Grandma Cebe said…
Maybe what we all need is someone to photoshop our necks and eyes every morning just like Sarah Jessica.
Anonymous said…

Take it from someone whose sheer amount of tears shed caused a pair of Samsonite Suitcases to appear under her eyes that the Garnier Anti-Puff Eye Roll-on is worth it's weight in Samsonite Suitcases full of gold.

Just sayin'.
The Coffee Lady said…

This is just insanity. Let's face it, we're all going to pot. But we're clever, and we're witty, and those are more important things.

Besides, we're bloggers. No-one can bloody well see us.
Wendy said…
Don't know much about the products you mentioned, but stay away from the Oil of Olay stuff (I think it's called regenerist) if your skin is sensitive. I broke out horribly from it. When I returned it, my skin was still so red that the clerk was visibly afraid to get close to me.
alice c said…
The Garnier Anti-Puff Eye Roll-on was on special offer and so I brought it home. I can report that it feels very odd to use a roll-on under your eyes - rather as though you are hung over and got muddled up with your deodorant. The roller ball is metal and very cold which is pleasant but you have to ignore the shiny liquid which is emphasising your eye bags when you look in the mirror. Don't use it just before going into an important meeting. Eventually it dries and you feel as though you are wearing Spanx for eye bags which is most odd but I guess you could get used to it.

I am trying the other option - going to bed earlier.
Unknown said…
Personally, I love the Olay Regenerist line! I strongly resemble my mother, who has had major raccoon eyes for as long as I can remember; so, I started moisturizing my eyes religiously in my early 20s in a bid to escape or at least postpone the same fate. I now use Olay Regenerist eye serum in the morning and StriVectin SD eye cream at night before bed. I've also used the Regenerist microsculpting cream on my jawline, but very infrequently.
Poppy B. said…
OK, it took a while (why do they have to discontinue my favorite drugstore products--WHY???) but my answer is finally up! Click here to profit from my guru-y wisdom.