There's a dog barking down the street...and the air feels just right on my bare arms...and if I close my eyes I can, sort of, imagine being here, where it would be so lovely to be.
(And I can imagine it because there was a barking dog down the street from that house.)


Scot said…
Even tho those pictures are from 2006, I AM SO JEALOUS!
I closed my eyes and tried to hear the ocean, smell the salt and feel the hot sand under my bare feet. The best I could do was smell the green chili cooking on my stove.
Here in Colorado, winter has decided to go out with a bang. It's been snowing all day and is supposed to snow all night. Spring is still just an idea that we're not going to participate in for a few more days.
Just the same, thanks for these GREAT pictures!
Paola said…
I have a soft spot for those pictures as one of those brought me to you. AND I come from a sea town.
Scot I wish I could swap some ocean and salt smell for some of yoru green chili. You're welcome anytime.
It's a sunny mild day here, tomorrow there's going to be the Sprinf festival down the beach for all kids to enjoy and play all day long. I bet there will be a lot of adults too.
Allison said…
Well, now I won't feel so bad when my dog is barking! Maybe it is giving someone down the street some wonderful memories! I hope to spend more time on the coast of Maine this summer--although our water is not quite the dreamy shade of blue as the water in your lovely photos!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like spring is in the air in Tuvalu. It's about time. Today we have blue skies and 70 degrees. Too bad I'm at work : (

How young Youngest is in those pictures.