three days in Chicago

I'm leaving at Dawn's Crack tomorrow and I've just finished packing.
What am I bringing for three action-packed days in Chicago?
Well, I'll tell you - I'm attending two parties and that's what I'm blaming for the extra bulk in my tiny suitcase...

I've got two possible 80's outfits:

The Annie Hall (don't split hairs, it was 1976) which consists of a white shirt, black necktie, black vest and baggy tan trousers and those eyeglasses she wore.* **

The Ally Sheedy from The Breakfast Club: long skirt, big sweater, black tights, Cons.

I've also packed a dress to wear to the party on Saturday, with accessories and shoes (which are not comfortable enough to wear on the plane) and a slip, my toiletries, gifts for my hostesses and a couple of scarves. Oh, and underwear.

What this boils down to is an unbelievable amount of luggage for a very short stay.

I can't remember if I packed my legwarmers.

*K says: with those eyeglasses, you could go as Woody Allen.

My mom says: she's taller than Woody Allen!


jo said…
I wish I had time to send you my fingerless gloves with lace trim. They are still kicking around somewhere along with my giant cross (a la Madonna).
We await reports with bated breath.
Crazy Mom! said…
Did you pack your Smarties?
Stephanie said…
we like to call it the butt crack of dawn around here...

have fun!!

(and I vote for Ally Sheedy...excellent idea!)
Badger said…
But wait! Where are you staying? The De-Luxe Apartment In The Sky is not fit for guests yet, is it? I AM CONCERNED.
Anonymous said…
Oh, you must go as Ally Sheedy. Maybe not so much with the dandruff though. Might be fun to carry a similar sketch though, and draw it out of your huge bag.

Have good safe travels, and lots of good times.

Anonymous said…
Have fun, bb!
I love K and Mom's conversation.

Ali said…
Oh that perennial 80's question 'Where is my other legwarmer?'

Have a fab time!
Anonymous said…
Badger beat me. I wanted to ask the same question.
Fun times.
Isn't it great to have such friends?

PS How bad is it I had to google both those names ... you can tell me.
ree said…
Hey, that'll be ME in that plane waving at you as I'm leaving Chicago at early-butt-thirty!

Wave back, m'kay?

And have fun! (P.S. You're far too cute to be Woody Allen)
Keetha said…
I vote for Ally Sheedy from The Breakfast Club. If you were asking.

Have fun!
Anonymous said…
Yes, Ally Sheedy. Perfect.