things I'm not sure about

Do I need a $200 leather handkerchief case?

Must a lovely mail bag cost $795?

Expensive to visit and packed to the gills with visitors. Not so much fun.

I think I'd like my $250 ballet flats to be flat.

Prom dresses for grown-ups.

Hot fruit. I'm just not sure about hot fruit.

Sweater dresses
with binding at the bottom hem.

Wait for it to load, then hit play - you won't be sure of your importance in the universe either.


Anonymous said…
1. Italian! Am I on the wrong blog?
2. It's a Belstaff, m'dear
3. It's the MoMA!
4. I will never get those "flats"
5. Uh?
6. Yum
7. Not for me. Really. NOT.
8. Oh God. We definitely are nothing.

Anonymous said…
1. Do I need a handkerchief when I have all of these burping cloths?
2. I thought my new birthday handbag was pricey. Sheesh!
3. I'd probably like to see that, just to say I did.
4. What if your feet did that inside of them. Ouchie.
5. My lunatic boyfriend made me cry in line while in line for pictures at senior prom. No need to be revisiting THAT as a grown-up.
6. I'm with Paola. Mmm.
7. Again with Paola. You'd see me in the back of a magazine with a black bar over my eyes if I tried to wear that sort of thing in public.
8. #8 leaves me speechless.

Anonymous said…
Always curious about this: Did you know Paola before blogging (bb) or from blogging (fb)?

I <3 Paola because she, like me, doesn't blog (db).

Mr Sunshine and I were yumming over the pork recipe the other night. I'm ok with hot fruit.
Mary said…
That mailbag is divine.

I am off to watch number 8..