things I need/things I want/things I know to be true

It's been a heck of a February here in Tuvalu.
Busybusybusy is what we've been.
A trip to Chicago, K working several weekends and a few snow days to round things out.
But, there have been some constants...

I need:

Bras: yes, I'm sorry, gentlemen readers (how pleased am I that my boss doesn't have my URL?), I need bras. Turns out that the 15 pounds I lost a year ago doesn't seem to be coming back. And undershirts/camisoles may not be the way to go long-term. The problem: 32c doesn't seem to exist.

A pair of jeans: not Mom Jeans, not jeans in which the crack of my butt is exposed. Something in the middle. Don't even speak to me about $160 jeans, that's ridiculous. I need to go to the Gap and try on every variation of jeans in my size. I'm talking jeans for Fridays at work.

Shoes that are not boots that can be worn with skirts and dresses: black ones, please. I do not own a shoe for work that is slightly dressy and feminine. This is going to be almost as difficult as the bra issue.

I want:

Every appliance in the new Williams-Sonoma catalogue. From the $400 deep fryer (we killed our deep fryer) to the thing that slices garlic, I want it all. Who knew there was a thing to make "filled pancakes?" The WS catalogue tortures me with delicious-sounding recipes and beautiful table linens. Be still my heart.

To stop wearing my puffy coat. Don't get me wrong: I love winter. I love snow and ice and wind, but I am getting tired of dressing for battle each morning. It's all about which boots and what hat and where are the umbrellas? I've had enough.

To be just a little more like the Buxoms. Did you know (of course you don't) that upon rising in the morning, one of the adult Buxoms steeps a pot of tea and puts it in a thermal carafe, making it possible for each Buxom, upon rising (or house-guests for that matter) to pour a steaming hot, delicious cup of tea? While it's true that my K often brings me coffee in bed in the morning (on the weekends) we often don't see our offspring until the afternoon due to a series of events such as early grocery shopping or them sleeping very late. The Buxoms have lovely family oriented routines that I appreciate...they have afternoon tea together too, after school. I'd like that kind of time together. Could it be all about the tea?

Things I know to be true:

Wearing two pairs of sock to the office, no matter what the temperature is outside, is not a good idea.

It will snow again and they will close school. I wish they would deal with it as casually as they do in Chicago. When we have snow, the guys on television are all about predicting the apocalypse, the schools close and the railroad ceases to function. A good part of each February is spent preparing for/dealing with/recovering from two feet of snow. I just wish we didn't treat it like it was the end of the world.

Putting fewer clothes in the washing machine invariably results in cleaner clothing.


Anonymous said… 32Cs. great customer service too.
Unknown said…
jeans - lucky brand boot cut.
just the right rise (not too high, not too low) curvy where they should be in a length that is designed for normal people - not those 8' tall women whose legs begin at the neck.
marshall's and tjmaxx stock them consistently at about $20 - there are also the outlet stores.
this is a perfect thing.
Lover Lady said…
I, too, need bras. But I would rather poke my eye with a stick than go bra shopping.

And, I, too, want everything in the W-S catalog. And I have that filled pancake pan. It rocks.
I will also take one of everything in the W-S catalog.

Jeans: I heard about these yesterday...Not Your Daughter's Jeans. They're available at Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomies, Lord and Taylor, Nieman Marcus
Scot said…
Alright, what's going on today? I swear, every 5th person I speak to today mentions pancakes! I made about 2 dozen strawberry/marscapone filled pancakes last monday and still have maybe 8 or 9 left. Really its just as easy to make 2 dozen as it is to make enough for 1 meal. That WS pan makes such teeny tiny pancakes, mine are a bit bigger than a dvd.
If you use a mix - SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on you. Pancakes are about the easiest thing to make. I bet I can do this from memory...3 c flour, 3 c milk, 4 eggs, pinch salt, handful sugar, 4 tsp baking powder, big hunk o melted butter. In my mind, this is what my big ass tupperwear measuring cup/bowl was made for.
And yes, after all this talk of pancakes you can bet thats what I'm having for dinner!
Poppy B. said…
I've had great luck with Not Your Daughter's Jeans, but they aren't cheap. They're not $160, but they're not Gap, either.

I've had good luck with Gap bootcut jeans in the curvy cut. And I am not curvy--at least below the waist--so go figure.

About the bras, I suggest a trip to a good store with good fitters. Not for fitting, per se, because at this point, you know whether your bra fits. But for knowledge of the lines and styles and how they fit. Nordstrom is good for that, but you don't have them in Tuvalu ... maybe your mother would have suggestions. Then buy one new bra and test drive it. If it's great, hit the internet for a few more.

And yes, it's all about the tea. But I drink coffee in the morning, so Mr. Buxom makes the carafe of tea AND brings me coffee. I'm telling you, he's as perfect as a Nordstrom's Wacoal bra!!!
KPB said…
I love that Mrs B likens her husband to a bra. Hilarious.

1. I kind of dream, but not in a losing sleep or obsessive or even that often but more an every now and then kind of mindset about owning decent bras again.

2. Jeans West do good jeans but they're here and you're there. They also do 2 pairs for $99 and I find that with two pairs you get a good two seasons wear out of them.

I'm all about the help.

3. While you're over dressing for battle I'm sick of taking clothes off due to the battle. Seriously, I'm so sick of sweating

4. I realised the other day that all I've worn for months is thongs. I'm wondering if this has caused my aching big toes or if they really could be a swimming injury (pushing off the wall. Stop laughing). I mean, I've had Birkenstock ankle before but thong toe? Painful but not as unsightly as camel toe.

All about the help AND funny.

5. I haven't worn two pairs of socks ever. The closest I've got to it was at school where our winter uniform was stockings and school shoes so your feet would freeze. You'd try to sneak wearing little tennis socks but if a teacher got sight of them you had to take them off then and there. Oh the humiliation.

6. I see your snow causing the end of the world and raise you TSUNAMI!!!! Head for the HILLS!!!! SANDBAG THE STORES!!!! TSUNAMI TSUNAMI TSUNAMI. Yeah, that 10cm was a KILLER.
KPB said…
Oh and I want to see Bunny poke her eye with a stick because I too say that all the time but know I would never do it.

And I find you can still pack the washing machine to within an inch of its life and so long as you do pre-wash and extra rinse it all comes out squeaky clean.
Anonymous said…
I hope some warmer weather finds Tuvalu soon.
nordstrom: Not My Daughters Jeans. Some on sale right now.
Oops - Not YOUR daughters or Not My...either way someone said it already. Sorry!
MsCellania said…
I second Mrs. Pom's Nordstrom recommendation, and add Wacoal bras. Check out Old navy's Sweetheart jeans. Mid-rise and flattering.
We've had a few 50 degree days and the break from winter has been great. You NEers have had a really rough winter. We will probably have a mess of a Spring - like a 2' or 3' blizzard like in 2003. Oy.
alice c said…
If you lived near me I would send you out shopping with MissM because you are nearly the same size. She would take you to meet her favourite lingerie fitter and you would go home with bags of fabulous bras.
Anonymous said…
Jeans: if you find jeans you love that fit you at your widest part (hips probably--not that your hips are wide), but they gap at the waist, get them anyway, and have your drycleaner or someone who sews nip them in at the waist for you. Good tip that's worked for me.

Here is a shoe link: I have these and adore them...or will, once it gets to be spring:

Amy A. said…
Victoria Secret makes 32C. I think that's where I saw them. (I have a teenage daughter). :)

Macy's has a levi's jean that's cute with pockets. $45-ish.
MsCellania said…
I saw quite a few 32C's at TJ Maxx of all places. I could not believe the deals they have there - Tahari, Vittadini, Calvin Klein - How could I have forgotten about this place?! Don't know if you have them in Tuvalu...
Wendy said…
I swear by walmart jeans. $12. Used to wear J Jill, but liked walmart just as much and seriously - $12 - or sometimes $15. They do a petite length that's perfect for me. The line I like is Faded Glory. They do a bunch of styles, so when I find one I like I buy 2 pair. By the time they wear out, I'm on to a new style.

I also thought my bra size didn't exist until I found SOMA. They carry your size in a few styles and they always have a good selection of nude colors (for underneath all my white tops). If you don't have a store nearby they're online and they have great coupon deals.
BabelBabe said…
what MsCellania said. I SWEAR by Old Navy Sweetheart jeans; I prefer boot cut but they come in flare and straight leg too. I own four pairs.

also, dear BB - step AWAY from the platform peeptoe clog things.
Julie said…
I know that I am late to the party... fashionably late perhaps?

But if you're still looking for advice on jeans, let me know.
I am still at GAP part time as a denim specialist :)
haus said…
Also late to the jeans party, but... maybe Target? I've been surprisingly happy with their jeans lately. Check out their Mossimo Black line, nice quality for $30/pair.

I'm also hunting for new black shoes for work - don't know why it's so hard right now, but it is!