things I googled yesterday

Dan Jansen. Needed the whole story on his sister's death after a heart-wrenching Visa commercial.

Eddie The Eagle. Filled in Oldest.

Agitator won't spin. The washing machine needs a repair.

How to eat a dragon fruit.
It was dessert.

Hyundai Tucson
. It's never too soon to think about the next vehicle (March 2011).

For Youngest, who's feeling very 15, on Valentine's Day:

I love you.


Thank you for making me cry. Seriously, it's not a bad thing.

Eddie made me think about my Dad. My parents LOVED watching the Olympics and my Dad thought Eddie was great. Mom and I even talked about that the other day.

That video was amazing. I want to send it to every young person I know. They are growing up seeing too many sad people who hate their bodies.

Happy Valentines Day to you.
Anonymous said…
I saw Dan Jansen win that medal and skate around with his daughter. It was so great to be there. That was also the Olympics where I ran into the men's bathroom by mistake realizing it only as I closed the stall door. Not so great to be there!

Badger said…
Dude, I am still LOVING my Hyundai Santa Fe. I would have seriously considered the Tuscon but I didn't think there'd be enough room in it for THE TUBA.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for today's post. I like your new hair style very much!!! You continue to be my inspiration, as a mother, job holder, and fashion-savvy writer.
Anonymous said…
My eldest announced this morning, "Happy Single Awareness Day, also known as sad." Feeling very 14 over here.

Scot said…
I think the word FLAWSOME just entered my vernacular! It so completely describes some of my friends. Myself also. Great word. Thanks.
By the way, did you like the dragonfruit? I've wanted to try it but never have. What can you compare it to?
Anonymous said…
I am flawed. Now I want to be "fearlessly flawed."
might I add...? said…
Love this video. Thanks for making me put the effort into actually logging in this morning.