The truth of it is: I don't know if I am going to watch Survivor tonight but we, my friends, have a very important mission. Our very own Amy A., who comments daily, who is supportive and lovely and fun, OUR AMY A. is a finalist to be a contestant on Survivor! MY Survivor!
Our job?
To vote her IN.
It's simple.
Go here. Vote.
Go back again tomorrow and vote again, okay?
Because WHAT could be better than KNOWING one of the Survivors, I ask you?



Jennifer said…
Done :) good luck Amy!
Anonymous said…
Here I am in Italy, not watching Survivor and not a fan of reality shows.
Alas, I just voted ... how could I not. You asked.
Amy A. said…
Thanks, bb! Thanks all who will or have voted. I appreciate it so much!
Anonymous said…
done yesterday, done again today. if she gets on, it'll be the first survivor i ever watch!
Anonymous said…
I've never "known" anyone who has gone on Survivor. So cool! Amy, if you get chosen, please don't be one of those people who say "I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to win." Because the people who say that NEVER win. Also, I guess I would advise you to practice making fire from scratch now. Seems like a good Survivor skill to have.

I promise to vote. I liked your song.

Priscilla said…
Did it!

AND I have met a former Survivor. Deena Bennett (Amazon) is a Riverside County prosecutor that tried a case that my son was involved in. The case was dismissed as the perp ended up in jail on a drug arrest but we had a nice long conversation. Delightful woman.
lagata said…
voted. and will do so daily. how fun :)
Anonymous said…

I've never watched Survivor, but if Amy gets there, I'll start!
Anonymous said…
Go Amy! How fun!

Badger said…
OMG, HOW CUTE ARE YOU, Amy A.?! I voted!
* said…
Take Paola's comment, replace the word "Italy" for "Canada", and there you have it.

ThirdCat said…
Oh, yes, I'll vote fer sher (assuming I'm allowed to vote from outside the USA).

And seconding that comment re the fire. Go learn to make fire. Howcome people still go on Survivor without knowing how to make fire?
Anonymous said…
Okay, I may have been hearing things, but I am pretty sure I heard Coach say "b-hat" during the most recent Survivor episode. What the heck!

jbhat (not b-hat)