We are very excited!
Winter television doldrums may be alleviated!
We are thrilled to know the players - no learning curve.
So, the South Pacific (no surprise there) is the setting for the Epic Battle that IS Survivor 20, Heroes VS. Villains.
Ten Heroes playing against Ten Villains.
From the start we hear Rupert VS. Bad Russell.
Helicopters in FORMATION.
James? Nothing wrong with him. I'm pretty sure he smells the way I want my man to smell AND he's on a horse.
I'm reminiscing about Colby and Cirie and Fireman Tom.
Tough shot to time, that last one in the into with Jeff on the rocks and four helicopters just overhead.

Oh, to listen to Coach and see Pavarti and Boston Rob...these may well BE people who can outplay Bad Russell.
If Middle was home he could tell me about the helicopters - alas, he is out with his friend J, in J's new car.
The Villains land on the beach with their swaggers and attitudes.
The scenery is beautiful. The Survivors are fresh-faced and enthusiastic.

People named their children Colby ten years ago after Survivor?
What kind of cap is Jeff wearing? (A Survivor baseball cap.)

Jeff goes over some history on the beach. He explains how some ended up being classified as Villains and some Heroes.
Who is intimidated by whom?
Consider these things quickly as the teams move into the first challenge.
Winners get fire.
Women are wrestling in the sand, much is pixalated out of view!
But wait - Stephanie has dislocated her shoulder!
One crunch and she's back in the game.
(You don't need to know what the actual challenge IS, do you? They dig for a bag in the sand and have to bring it back to their team. No idea what's in the bag - I assume puzzle pieces. Oh, K tells me there is NOTHING in the damn bag.)
Have I mentioned the epic music?
Colby is "schooled by Coach."
Sandra undoes Sugar's top but that DOES NOT STOP SUGAR. Topless, she scores!
Tyson is wearing a Mankini.
James scores big-time and the Heroes win the reward.
But Rupert has been injured and has a broken toe.

The teams head to their camps.
Russell is ready but thinks he'll have to stay on his toes.
He bonds with his team but he's ready to "whoop the All-Stars."
He confides in Danielle. He tells her to trust him. He tells her he'll take her to the final two.
She believes him and will "stick with him" until she doesn't believe him.
He tells the same thing to Pavarti. She tells us she sees through it. She's "making a deal with the devil but wants the devil on her side."

At the Heroes camp, I am intrigued by Sugar's outfit and the rain starts to pour. She tries to organize the team and they start building when they discover chickens wandering around their site. Can they trap them with a net?
Is it a coincidence that chickens are just roaming through their camp?

Jerri and Coach have a "connection" and her team sees it.
I sorta like Courtney and Coach and Jerri too - though I'm not overly fond of the Villains, you know, cause I'm a Good Guy.

Amanda and Cirie and James are a good team but have to play it down.
Tom and Jerri discuss who to ally with.
Tom and JT discuss alliances.

The Villains work on making fire and they are pretty damned efficient. Color me IMPRESSED.
Even Coach is impressed.
Rupert can't make fire. Cirie is not impressed. (And I miss who does succeed.)

Rob is climbing for coconuts but craps out as it's "higher than it looks." He throws the gauntlet for Coach to give it a try. Sandra and Rob makes bets on whether or not Coach will make it.

On night two, Sugar decides she needs some cuddle time. Colby is NOT interested. He's annoyed.

Some of the episode is missed as I converse regarding The Great Featherbed Incident. Remind me to explain The Great Featherbed Incident to you. Later.

It's time for the second challenge of the night. Build a puzzle climb a tower set fire into a barrel - for immunity. There's swimming in there too but I've lost track of where. Ah! Build a boat! In the water! Then take it apart to use for climbing to the puzzle!
The Heroes have an early lead but it's a four layer puzzle and the Villains catch up as the Heroes must re-start the puzzle.
The Villains pull into the lead and are ready to climb to the top of the pyramid-thing and light their caldron of fire.
(And there's still 30 minutes of show left...sheesh.)

The winners return victorious. But who will the Heroes send home? The Villains speculate. Russell speculates on how to weaken the other tribe. And the other tribe? Rupert is feeling humble. JT, Sugar, Cirie and Rupert discuss Amanda leaving. Sugar cries. Apparently she's a crier? I don't remember. Her team bring the idea of taking Sugar out to Tom but Tom thinks Cirie is a big threat and tells the guys that she's a brilliant strategist and maybe she should be the one to go.
Cirie doesn't want Sugar to go at this point - she likes to keep annoying people around.

The Tribal Council building is a series of tree houses 40 feet in the air. The music pounds as the team gather and light their torches. Jeff discusses relationships and alliances. I hadn't realized that this is Cirie's third game. Tom has won also. James says that no one was focused. Cirie doesn't think one challenge should have any influence on the voting.
I'm tired and ready for the vote!
It's looking like a landslide...Sugar?
Wait, Amanda gets a vote...
but Sugar goes - and I'm not sorry.
It's pouring rain as the Heroes head back to camp.

Stay tuned.

(Can I mention here, at 49 minutes in, that I am not ready for another hour of this? Don't get me wrong, I love this show but another hour? I've had a long day.)


MaggieO said…
I think this'll be a fun season. But I have a bone to pick with your Survivor posts: we don't want just a summary! We want to hear more of Blackbird's OPINIONS on people. That's what you're best at, after all! :) I'm sure I speak for all your readers/Survivor watchers here!
blackbird said…
Noted, MaggieO!
Though I did mention the Mankini!
I would be a SurvivorFAIL because I get exhausted just reading your updates.
Amy A. said…
I missed the first challenge! Not sorry to have missed the shoulder crunch.

Where is Ozzie? He should be there IMO.
Anonymous said…
My heart is all a-flutter because I forgot how much I am in LOVE/LUST with JT. Even if I can't understand a word he says. And I am pretty sure that he's the one who got that fire going. Not mine! The one on the Heroes's team. Okay, well maybe mine too.

This is going to be an EXCELLENT season.