Survivor preview

I usually write up a little post on the Survivors before a new season starts.
I toss that off casually, as though I don't spend time on the internet learning about each of the contestants and constructing brilliantly snarky comments about each of the players.
But I do spend time researching and then building the snark.
Wait. What was I talking about?

Survivor begins again tonight!
It's billed as Heroes Vs. Villains and it's two teams comprised of former contestants.
Do you really need me to tell you about Rupert or Sugar or Pavarti or Boston Rob?
No? I didn't think so.

The deal is: my mom is bringing a brisket over, we're watching Survivor and I'll recap it.

Here's my new favorite commercial:


My man smells like whatever shower gel I toss into his end of the shower.That usually smells like eucalyptus and spearmint or citrus and ginger. That comes from my store. That I buy with my employee discount.
Anonymous said…
Doesn't old spice smell funny? I am not sure., you know, I believe I saw it on a shelf in someone's bathrooms years ago ...
But HELLO Mr. commercial!!!
Anonymous said…
That commercial IS funny. As usual, your taste is sublime.
Anonymous said…
I cannot WAIT for tonight. It'll be fun to see the familiar faces. Remember the one with Stephenie and Bobby John? He was sooo handsome, but every time he'd talk, we'd all shout at the tv, "Don't speak! Just don't speak!" Poor guy.

That commercial is now my new favorite too. Look down, look up, I'm on a boat! Love it.

Anonymous said…
Me, too. "I'm on a horse."
Tatteristic! said…
Hubby uses Old Spice but he's got nothing on this guy!!
The Coffee Lady said…
That has made my day. My day? My week.
trina said…
Sorry - been lurking (hate that word!) for a while now...Hi from England!...but just had to crawl out of the woodwork and say thank you for making me laugh so so much. I love your posts but this commercial is the best tonic. Thank you dear lady.

best wishes