Let's just suppose we can speak French, shall we? Then, let's watch this charmant little video by MadMoiZelle and pretend we can understand MOST of what she is telling us about Parisian fashion.

BFJ, she said. Boyfriend jacket...you fool. I know! Honestly, that is a direct translation. I do not know why her hair appears to be a wig when she removes her hat. Voila!

I am home today. Sort of. I am supposed to be taking Youngest for his asthma treatment injections even though we await Snowpocalypse! Yes, hundreds of feet of snow are expected to drop upon my part of the world and the nurse called me several times yesterday to cancel/re-schedule/cancel/schedule again his appointment over the course of the day. Very heavy snow! Trains being canceled! Consult your manager and consider working from home!
Middle has been walking around doing his newscaster voice: we are all going to die! It is liken unto the snows of hell! We shall perish in the snow! He's been epically funny.

In other news, I am suffering from acute Winteritis. My skin is itchy, I'm tired of wearing my puffy coat... aren't you glad you dropped by?

It's all House Hunters and Bang For Your Buck over here. Our cable company has restored our channels and all is (apparently) forgiven. I find it interesting that many of the houses on House Hunters are empty. I cannot imagine leaving our house empty and moving all of our things to another house without selling it first. But, now that I think about it, I'll bet House Hunters is shot the day after a house is sold and the day before the new owners move in. Last night, whilst watching HH, I realized that K and I can afford a palace in Mobile Alabama. I'm not sure what we could do for a living in Alabama, but I'm thinking the residents of Mobile never have to deal with Snowmageddon.
Who else is on HGTV? Heather Armstrong. I don't have to link, do I?

I love these Old El Paso commercials -

the kid is the hero! (He's a cutie too.)
Aren't I so INTERNATIONAL today?

Check out what I was posting about a year ago. I tend to find myself absolutely RIVETING in the archives.

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That's the special movie you get to see only once - when you have a brand new computer and turn it on for the first time. It's like a new-car smell that lasts for a couple of minutes.

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And that? That is the transfusion of data from my old iBook. I always think it looks very medical when we are switching things from one computer to another or onto a hard-drive.

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Here's Middle rocking the hoodie, the fitted cap and the schmancy earphones he bought. I rode the train with him last night and sat across from him. And who was sitting next to me? Elbows McGinty, who frantically searched his shopping bag and backpack for Very Important Items.
And what was Middle listening to, with his incredible headphones?

A New Favorite:

Yes, 100 Million Dollars is our new (ironic) favorite. We like it because just about every possible rap video cliche is included PLUS the somewhat random inclusion of: Navy Seals, old school fan boats, lots of red cars and fireworks. It's the War and Peace of rap videos!
And how could I not like a guy named Birdman?


Badger said…
Dude! My brother-in-law the biker psychologist lives near Mobile. It's very pretty there. But once when we were visiting, a freak cold snap came through and it was in the 20s. All the fountains froze solid. On the Gulf coast! Weird. (No snow, however.)

And we sold our last house empty. It was very nervewracking. HOWEVER, it made it much easier to paint and put in new carpet before putting it on the market, and then it sold in two days. FOR OUR ASKING PRICE, which the realtor tried to talk us down from. Heh.
Anonymous said…
I moved to south lite without selling my house up north. sucked. We ended up selling it 3 days before our insurance company cancelled the insurance policy because it was empty! And it only occasionally snows a little tiny bit here int he south, but when they threaten it, people freak out, and buy all the milk, bread and eggs in the store. I have decided that they stay home and make french toast.

Crazy Mom! said…
Here in Hotlanta, it's cold, but no Snowmageddon. We seldom get snow. Had that little bit last month and that should be it for this winter. There is a tradeoff though - HEAT, and lots of it.
christine said…
One of our friends was on House Hunters in L.A. (is it sad that when I met her and recognized her from the episode, I got excited?House Hunter celebrity!) She told me that one of the houses they "viewed" had been a murder scene and there was still a blood stain on the carpet that had not been removed (and was not shown on camera, of course). They had to stand next to the stain and act as if they were seriously considering the home's merits.
RW said…
that photo of middle looks crazy similar to my own son - black on black; hoodie, cap and headphones.
Anonymous said…
If you enlisted in the Army you could live in Alabama. Just sayin'.
You funny Easterners and your blizzards. MUCH more entertaining to read about than the Southerners and their floods.
Anonymous said…
that's a lot of cash and a LOT of shiny teeth!
Cute vid though
If you move to Bama, you have to
1) join Junior League
2) frost your hay-uh
3) buy an Expedition
4) wear plaid Bermuda shorts

Still worth the price??
Jen said…
If you have six kids, a dog, several amphibians and a reptile, "they" recommend that you get out of your house and empty it before trying to sell it. For some reason, potential buyers have a hard time seeing past your...decor to picture their own stuff in the space.
eurolush said…
You had me at, "It's the War and Peace of rap videos."

Nicely put.
Miz S said…
Yes! Snow! I know a lot about it lately! Our power is out again BUT my husband the genius has us hooked up to the generator.

Middle is funny.

Okay. I will watch the videos now.
Caterina said…
MadMoiZelle is tré ANNOYING, and a bit airheadish, no?

I adore ♥ House Hunters and Bang for Your Buck. Heather Arm-WHO!? Hahahaha. I wonder what the heck she will be doing?
Anonymous said…
Hey, I'm off today too. I am about to watch Julie and Julia after I check in with my blogs.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
My #1 Son, who goes to school in Manhattan, has forwarded to us a couple of emails that his school sent out with regard to the impending Snowmageddon. He loves to make fun of New Yorkers and their wimpy winters (compared to MN and WI). Sounds like even the natives like to make fun of themselves, too, at least the GOOD ONES do. :)
Anonymous said…
Medical? I always think sexual. All that connecting and hard driving.

Poor Vancouver, we've got spring like conditions for the Winter Olympics. We could use some of what you've got.