a perfect party

I traveled to the farthest reaches of the city limits.
I left the boys to celebrate with co-workers.
I was worried that I'd be the oldest, not hip, out of my element.
I approached warily.
I had a great time!
The setting was unique and fun.
The sound track was old and blue-sy.
Drop the peanut shells on the floor!
I kept hearing: I've heard so much about you.
It was one of those nights when the atmosphere and the music and the whiskey and the pizza and the conversation were perfect.
It didn't matter that I was the oldest. I was there and we had a great time.


Crazy Mom! said…
Good for you! I'm glad you went - and even more glad you had a fun time. Getting out is a fine thing.
Anonymous said…
Sounds lovely--isn't that the best surprise when you go out of your element like that and you end up fitting?
RW said…
I am so glad you had a great time.
Anonymous said…
Um, hello, you are hip. Hip is a state of mind (well, eyewear and footwear maybe count too). But I know what you mean. Sometimes some of my best nights out have been the ones that defied my expectations. I'm glad it was fun.

You are on a roll lately. Hooray for you!

alice c said…
This post makes me happy because it doesn't seem a moment ago that you were thinking about returning to paid work.
Anonymous said…
This may sound like I am just saying it but I was thiking the exact thign Alice did.
And I love that your going back has made you so much good as I thought it would. Makes me feel better.

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