one word challenge

It's Saturday and I'm beat. But my pal catsteevens has a meme for me!

Cell phone? Old

Hair? Bobbed

Mother? Better

Father? Gone

Favorite Food? Salty

Dream last night? Forgotten

Drink? Tea

Dream/Goal? Comfort

Room you are in? Bedroom

Hobby? Blogging

Fear? Clowns

Where do you see yourself in 6 years? Older

Something you are not? Tall

Favorite Muffins? Lemon

Wish list item? Travel

Where did you grow up? Tuvalu

What is the last thing you did? Laundry

What are you wearing? Jeans

Favorite TV Show? None

Pets? Dog

Friends? Some

Your life? Nice

Your mood? Quiet

Facebook? Nope

Favorite place to eat? Here

Missing Someone? Nope

Your vehicle? Jeep

What you aren't wearing? Shoes

Favorite Store? Anthro

Favorite Color? Black

Last time you laughed? Yesterday

Last time you cried? Tuesday

Best friend? K

Place you go to over and over? Supermarket

There's nothing like a meme to start the weekend.


What? Your favorite TV show is NOT Survivor?
Kiki Smith said…
I saw this vid this morning and thought of you. A complete stranger whose blog I've been reading (lurking) for several years now. Their energy made me smile, and so do you. Hope you and your family are well. Thanks for sharing your blog with us.
blackbird said…
Kiki - that was lovely! thank you.
dan renzi said…
You have gone an entire day without laughing? You should laugh more. Go get a kitten, they are funny.
Anonymous said…
Seriously? NONE on TV? You should watch Modern Family. Funny, funny stuff.

alice c said…
Blogging as a hobby sounds so much more respectable than blogging as an addiction which is how it sometimes feels to me.
Unknown said…
how I love reading memes....

(Tuvalu? how cool is that. I didn't even know existed till a very good friend of mine went there on her honeymoon. It sounded gorgeous.)
Caterina said…
Thanks for playing along. I like how some of my answers didn't need to change for your answers :)