An Olympic Moment

The scene: bb is relaxing on her bed, watching the Men's Figure Skating. Middle is downstairs. She calls him for a comment on the action:

This guy? Viktor? IS Twilight On Ice.

They hang up.


Crazy Mom! said…
I think the lugers are nuts.
Scot said…
is it bacause he needs a good haircut? or because he has sparkleys on his shirt like Edward's skin in the sunlight? or because he has big teeth? or because he sucks?
Anonymous said…
Good one, Middle.

A huge part of me is savoring my little one's babyhood and my kiddo's childhood, but a teeny part of me can't wait to some day be relaxing on my bed watching the Olympics and having my offspring phone in snarky comments about the action.

Anonymous said…
Well, Middle, ya nailed that one!
Good job, you.

Anonymous said…
You two are peas in a pod.