notes from the salon

I rarely think about when my boys were babies. It's so long ago and, if I gave it much thought, I know I'd get very sentimental. Believe me, I'd be sentimental about the bad parts of babyhood as well as the good parts...but yesterday I was sitting and waiting just two minutes for the fellow who cuts my hair to fetch me and a mother and baby were sitting next to me and I had a moment.
The baby was a couple of weeks old and bound onto her with one of those great long wraps of fabric. He had a teeny hat on and she, well, she looked as shell-shocked as one does when one has a two-week-old baby and needs a haircut. She was in jeans and a turtleneck and a fleece hat and she was thin and sleepy looking. She had the smallest lump near her middle and her corduroys were maternity pants - all these traces of new motherhood.
I wanted to catch her eye, to admire the baby, to smile at her, but she was staring straight ahead and nothing broke her gaze.
I wanted to give her that older-mom knowing smile, but never had the chance.
Remember when they were tiny and we were sosososo terribly tired?
Remember smelling the tops of their heads?
Those tiny feet?
Now I've gotten sentimental.

A little boy washed my hair and brought me to my stylist who did his usual cooing over me.
You have perfect hair.
Really? I chopped the bangs myself a couple of weeks ago.
Perfect! Wait! Let me look at you.
You know, I may have to do a little Anna Wintour on you!
Yes - I like the way your bangs are falling on your face.

Snipsnipsnip, tousle, blower.
Do not EVER use a blow-dryer on the bangs.
And here, I've written down the formula for the color you should be - take it to Ricky's and have them show you how to mix it...and don't worry if you mess it up, I'll fix it for free!

He's lovely, isn't he?
And I am just a little Anna Wintour-ed now.

Photo on 2010-02-12 at 15.11

I am carefully checking an important document.
With my new hair.


blackbird said…
OMG! someone just told me I have Anna Wintour hair!
Badger said…
So cute! You look an awful lot like my aunt MA now, mother of my beloved cousins MM and MN. (Except much younger. Of course.)
halloweenlover said…
LOVE IT! Very exotic looking, I have to say.

My friend sent me a picture of her sleeping with her newborn on top of her, all scrunched up with their knees under their chins and even I had a moment. And I feel like I am still in the thick of things with a 14 month old. She's still a baby, right?
Crazy Mom! said…
too cute! love the hair!
Anonymous said…
Nice! And I think those frames really suit you!
Ree said…
Lover Lady said…
LOVE! I would SO have a Louise Brooks bob if my hair was not a Brillo pad.
Jen on the Edge said…

Is there any chance we could get a more complete look at your glasses? I know you wouldn't show them on you, maybe just the frames themselves? I would greatly appreciate it. :-)
RW said…
how fun!
looks fabulous.
love the specs.
Anonymous said…
Tres chic, bb!

perfect cut. perfect color.

I want your glasses.
Amy A. said…
ooh la la!
alice c said…
uh oh! I LOVE your hair. I fully expect Anna Wintour to have people rushing up to her and saying "Great hair - love the bb look".
eurolush said…
Anna Wintour...but only if she also had amazing Italian glasses. Love the hair! You work it, girl.
Miz S said…
You look SOOOOOOOOO cute!
robiewankenobie said…
he's right. you DO have perfect hair! (i'm terribly jellus)
StLmom said…
I LOVE it!
Jan said…
LOVE IT!! And the specs - very Jinkies!
Eleanor said…
That's the Anthropologie haircut from the January catalogue. Only better. Because it's YOU.

Have to tell you this quickly. Y and I were coming out of the cinema yesterday afternoon and we passed a woman wearing an exquisite dress (long, casual, colourful, retro swirls, golden earrings, hair swept back, yet all very casual feeling and unpretentious). She was standing just out of the rain and obviously waiting for someone. I stared as I passed and she noticed, so I decided to blackbird her. I turned back and told her that I adored her look, and her entire face burst into a happy grin and she thanked me. Then Y beside me said "I was thinking the same thing" to her. Then we walked off and Y and I turned to each other and said "Now THAT'S called blackbirding" and had a little giggle.

That's it.
Anonymous said…
Eleanor blackbirding. Now I want to too. Tomorrow, as I am out and about. But now that I think about it, someone at Trader Joe's blackbirded my kiddos today.

Do you wear makeup?

Anonymous said…
forgot to say that your hair does look really good.

Elan Morgan said…
I wish I could be Anna Wintoured. Jealous!
Sharon said…
I (well, my coat)got blackbirded in a rainy parking lot the other day! It's so unexpected and flattering when that happens!
Anonymous said…
You look pretty darn good to me. Kind of sophisticated.
Anonymous said…
A good stylist is worth their weight in titanium. You look divine. Tres francais.