a new computer

A raise, a small bonus and then, finally, an error in accounting resulting in a sizable sum coming back to me lead me to the New Computer. I had shrugged off the raise (tight! the budget here is tight!) had completely ignored the small bonus (Christmas! it'll pay for *some* of Christmas!) and then came the error. We had been functioning with a rather large percentage of my salary being deducted needlessly (the budget! still kind of tight, but now with just a breath in it!).
My dear G4 could no longer play video, weighed a ton and was, at six years old, probably on the verge of a collapse.
Not that I'm justifying.
I am.
Middle took me to the Apple store. He bought it with his student discount. We got a black hard-shell case for it.
I hadn't thought of the features it might have. I had only imagined that my laptop would crash one day and K and I would have to scrape together what we could to purchase a new one. I imagined some of my data would be lost.
But, oh...the keyboard lights...and the screen is so clear...and it thinks quickly...and can play music at an audible level....
Oh my.

But there's no time for romance - K is working this weekend and I have laundry, food shopping, and cleaning to do.
If I have a minute, later, I will try to write about a party I went to last night. On the edge of the city. In the extreme cold. With whiskey and peanuts.


Anonymous said…
and you can iChat with your brother who lives far away!

Anonymous said…
Congratulations are in order.
RW said…
now that is super exciting.
Adriana said…
Macs make the world go round.
Eleanor said…
alice c said…
Thinking of you with a new computer makes me happy. It is like giving an artist a new paintbrush and wondering what they will create.
Crazy Mom! said…
I'm quite jealous. My old desktop was bought it 2002. I mostly work on my work-owned laptop, kept at home since I do 24/7 support.

No new computer for me. No raise, bonus? what's that?, and salary reduction via furlough and other things. *sigh*

want. new. computer.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your new toy! Or does it qualify as a tool? I think so.
Anonymous said…
"There's no time for romance-" very cute. I hope you will get to canoodle with it to your heart's content after your chores are done.

Please post a picture of it too. Post-canoodling though (maybe with both of you dangling a cigarette).

Unknown said…
So very jealous. The hamsters are still running on their wheels to power my little G3. When I am once again gainfully employed, a new computer is near the top of my wish list. Right after a new roof. *sigh*

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