in which I recount a shopping trip for MFAOA and Uncle

Oh, to have a couple of hours alone at Anthropologie! a gift from someone dear to me...but first, I want to point out that it is counter-productive to compare photos of oneself to photos of headless mannequins from the Anthropologie website.

I went, on Sunday, to my local Anthro with my gift-card, wearing far too many accessories. (Don't bring a scarf and gloves and a cardi to a place where you plan on trying on lots of things!)
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Here I am. Fully clothed. In too many clothes. And, YES. UGGS.

My goal: choose some items I would not normally purchase for myself. Forget about the I-need-a-better-brown-turtleneck theory and focus on some unique items. Anthro is, of course, the perfect place for that kind of shopping as everything they sell is unique...

Herewith, the hits...and the misses.

I've seen this terrible skirt in dozens of incarnations

<span class=

You know it, it's the pencil skirt with the ruffle down the side. Yes, it does appear to be too large on me. No, I'm not telling you what size it was. It was stupid looking. I think I'm not tall enough to have a ruffle down my side.

I was very excited about this shirt-dress.

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It is THE thing for Spring, according to the email I got. And, while I liked it well enough (it had some kind of crinoline thing going on underneath the top layer) I don't think it "did anything for me." Again, on someone taller I think it would have been a hit.


See me making that face? That face means the big black sweater dress is nothing to write home about.

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Too tight. A return, greatly reduced, it was the only one of its kind.

The hits:

<span class=

This top I like to call: someone threw-up some fabric on my shoulder! I have too many plain turtlenecks and this little number will add some interest when it's too warm for me to wear one of my three dozen scarves. (I'm exaggerating. I think.)


This marled (?) little wrap sweater, which I wore yesterday and sort of looked like a pregnant crewmember of The Starship Enterprise. Never mind - it's cute! And it has this wonderful label, so I could wear it inside-out!


Finally, this dress, described by a sales associate as A Yarn Dress:

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I believe a deserve a medal of some sort for actually posting this photo of ME in this dress rather than, say, this one:


I mean, I look pregnant, washed out, saggy-necked, what am I doing with my hand? I could go on and on. Suffice to say, I bought this Yarn Dress and love it!

"yarn" dress

I wore it with a brown turtleneck underneath it and brown tights and my engineer boots and got compliments all day. And, the thing is, I would never have given it a second glance if I were spending my own's pure luxury.
I need to experiment more with what I wear under it and also bought a cap sleeved tee for it on the advice of the aforementioned sales associate.

As for the rest of me - here's the hair I aspire to right now. I thought you should know.

haircut I'm morphing to

My FAOA is working every single day to feel and be well and this post is, mostly, dedicated to her.


NorahS said…
That is a fabulous label. It's a shame to have to hide it! You made some great choices. So exciting to have fun money! Best wishes to your Aunt.
Anonymous said…
I like that dress on you, even if you trashed the shot and made it sound like horrible for yourself.
And that haricut? It's YOU, I can see you wearing it and being cute and hip with it.
Also, the first shot ... you look like a 16 years old in that shot, really!
RW said…
I would like to see a photo of the engineer boots!

The haircut is tres cute. and I love the black top with bountiful fabric.
Anonymous said…
I like the dress and the top--I fear I'm also too short for shirt dresses. There's a lot going on with them, isn't there?
I JUST had my hair cut that short two days ago. Seriously. Mr. D still isn't speaking to me...
I LOVE the wrap sweater. I wasn't feeling the dress until you said brown turtleneck and tights.

I thought it looked like your hair was getting longer!

Glad to hear your aunt is doing ok.
alice c said…
That IS my haircut. Except that I missed my last appointment because I was ill and so the fringe is too long and the layers have gone peculiar. And that wispy thing she has going on is only if I have not been using the right hair products and I have just got out of bed. So now I am going to print out that picture and take in to see my friend, Lloyd the hairdresser, and say this has been approved by my style consultant.
Anonymous said…
I too have experienced the joys of not spending my own money at Anthropologie. It's a wonderful feeling to walk in there knowing that you can walk out with several items after having armloads of things to try on. Usually, though, I leave the store emptyhanded, sighing with longing about all the things I wish I could have purchased. Such interesting things they have.

That hair is adorable. I can just picture you drying your hair upside down a little bit to get some extra volume in it. Except I really have no idea what you look like, upside down or right side up.

blackbird said…
I look EXACTLY like the woman in the photo of course!
Anonymous said…
But did you carry the bowls with you all day when you wore the yarn dress? Sorry, I need to know -- you are my Style Guru ;^)
Duyvken said…
oooh, hair envy!

I bought a jacket at Anthropologie while I was in LA with my sisters. It was on the sale rack and while it didn't have the original price on it I only paid $39 which I am sure was pretty cheap. I bought it in navy and my sister (who is a gorgeous brunette) bought the same one in camel. I thought of you the whole time we were in there! Such a divine shop but, sadly, also a little intimidating!

PS I love that yarn dress, but can you post a pic of engineer boots, i don't know what you mean. Surely not steel capped boots?
Loretta said…
I think you look adorable! Love the yarn dress!
Suse said…
That's my hair too, except grey.

Eleanor said…
I miss you, and now this post somehow makes me miss you even more.
unmitigated me said…
Bird. We need to talk about a tiny splash of color. Of course, there were no accessories in the pics, so maybe you do it that way?
KPB said…
Hair envy indeed.

And I adore all of it while never being able to pull any of it off.
Wendy said…
Hey! I have that wrap sweater in the oatmeal color. I bought it first in the purpley color, got home, and thought, who am I kidding? A quick trip back to the mall the following day for the exchange and all was right with the world.

I'm also thinking I can recreate that label with some muslin and thread pretty easily...

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