an IM with Middle, in which I quote from McSweeney's

bb: Medical Treatments Prescribed By My Mother, a General Internist, for My Varying Ailments.
By My Mother, a General Internist

Stomachache, age 9:
"Take some Tylenol."

Headache, age 11:
"Take some Tylenol."

Twisted ankle, age 14:
"Take some Tylenol."
(In response to my inquiry as to whether I should ice it: "Yeah, sure. If you want.")

Nausea, age 15:
"Are you taking drugs?"

Back pain, age 16:
"Take some Tylenol. And go to the gym."

Depression, age 19:
"Enjoy the weight loss!"

Insomnia, age 22:
"You should move back home."

Stress, age 25:
"Take extra-strength Tylenol."

Middle: yeah

bb: is that a genuine ha or a shut-up mom ha?

Middle : haha
a little of both


Anonymous said…
Maybe I should take a Tylenol ...
MsCellania said…
One could substitute "Eat Some Dark Chocolate!" for any malady affecting women of any age.
How's Middle loving college?!
Yipes! wv is 'livbongs'
Anonymous said…
I just read that McSweeney's Tylenol thing yesterday. I'm not a doctor, but I play one in my house, and aspirin, not Tylenol, is my answer to everything.
Anna said…
Ha! Love it. Sounds sooooo familiar.