futher thoughts on the Olympics, UPDATED

I've been holding my eyes open with toothpicks each night. TOOTHPICKS, I TELL YOU. I watch and watch and watch and try to stay awake and the good stuff is not on television until well after ten o'clock. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don't. I did just see Ashley McGyver (sp?) win the gold medal in ski-cross...and though I did find it exciting, I call bullshit on the whole ski-cross thing as I am not impressed with these new-fangled sports. Also? I can't believe I just wrote NEW-FANGLED.
I was all set to write about the ice skating/dancing - I had even grabbed some screen shots and made some notes about certain skaters and their outfits.
And then, I read this.
And, people, I know you regard me as witty and erudite, but I cannot out-write the fug-girls.
I luff the fug-girls and was reduced to actual lol-ing last night when I read their post.

UPDATE: you know who else did a satisfyingly snarky recap of the skating? KIM.

In other news: I am fighting off a nasty cold. My head is a little cloudy and my throat is a little scratchy and I am aware of my ears. None of this is a big deal but I'm tired and would like to either get the cold OR beat the cold.

Don't you love it when you are typing away and lose track of where your fingers are and type gibberish? Fluently? Watch: I'll move one key to the right and type -
drr? moe O s, pmr lru pgg/ upi;f mrbrt lmpe!
I do that ALL THE TIME!

The other night I was a little concerned about a sound my computer was making. It was sort of a clinking noise and would occur when I moved my laptop in a sudden way. K told me, just before he went to sleep that it was probably the mechanism that parks the hard-drive that was making the clinking noise. Then he went to sleep and I was left with that little tidbit of info.
What did I do?
I googled it and found the code to override the hard-drive parker-thing and deftly plugged it into my terminal-thingy even though the warnings and notices reminded me that it was a dangerous program to install (I'm over my head just describing this!).
It worked!
The clinking stopped instantly...and THEN I read more about what might happen if my hard-drive no longer had an automatic parker-thing and I FREAKED OUT.
It took nearly half an hour for me to undo what I had done and I was in a bit of a sweat but I undid it.
(Of course, I just tried to demonstrate it to K and was unable to, but I SWEAR: my hard-drive parker-thing is still working!)

Nail polish color advice for the soon-to-be-upon-us Spring? Unexpected neutrals!
I'm going with gray and it, surprisingly, matches almost all of my outfits.

It's Wednesday. Nothing wrong with THAT.


Philip said…
Your blog came up first when I searched [ashley mcgyver], but apparently from the Globe and Mail I find that it's Ashleigh McIvor.

And I agree about the proliferation of new Olympic sports.
l;o'sirs okkgo kip'ermbji!!

Every night, Mom says "Don't tell me the skating isn't going to end until midnight AGAIN!"
Miz S said…
Look at you, being all independent and technical! I'm impressed.
Anonymous said…
yeah, I was going to say, you want your hard drive to park. for many reasons. Your new computer also has a sudden motion sensor, so that, say, you decided to throw it across the room, it would sense that, and park the hard drive so it wouldn't get damaged.

the other night we were watching the ski jumping with flips and twists, and I decided it was a little to X-games for the olympics.

Anonymous said…
GFY rules.
Anonymous said…
ALL of your instincts are good--even the gray nailpolish.
Anonymous said…
Ever the original Kat™, I reviewed the Russian male partner's nasal orifices in my Olympics blog post. There room in there for the entire Russian Olympic team, equipment and all.

I got a phishing tweet this morning claiming to be from you! I was all excited until I figured out it was phishing.
Anonymous said…
Unexpected neutrals! Whoo-hoo!

Everything you wrote about your computer I read as if you wrote it with your fingers placed one key over. It made no sense to me. Niy hppf gpt upi gpt gohitomh oy piy@ (Translation, roughly, not including typos: But good for you for figuring it out!)

I will have to check out the snarky skating post. PS. I get physically ill from looking at and listening to Bob Costas, so no Olympics for me this year.

Scot said…
I wasn't going to say this out loud but kmkat embolded me. When I saw that Canadian team, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, my very first thought was.....does that nose come with those glasses?
When it was pointed out to me that he wasn't wearing glasses, well, what a shame. And then he kept looking up (to thank his god, I'm sure) I swear I could see all the way up there to his brain!
Also, I thought ski cross might be a cross between skiing and roller derby. Maybe the track should have been much longer and there should have been 4 more skiers per race. How cool would that have been? Full contact skiing. I'd pay to watch that.
I might be going through Olympic burnout...