further thoughts on the (Winter) Olympics

Sports I might attempt based on the outfits:

Ice Dancing.
I don't need to say much here, do I?
The opportunity for drama appeals to me greatly. And how often do you see ice dancers in black with touches of gray? I ask you. NEVER.

Speed Skating.
Finally, a chance for my thick thighs to be "athletic." I'd have to pray that my country would choose a decent pattern and the hood might bother me a bit, but the idea of wearing special gloves and sunglasses appeals to me greatly.

Figure Skating.
Don't get confused! These outfits are different to the Ice Dancing duds. For Figure Skating I'd wear gray. Gray with black.

I haven't seen any coverage yet, but I did see people in argyle pants! Count me in!

Sports I would not attempt, based solely on the outfits:

I think the helmets this time around are an abomination and could not play hockey with all that equipment on my head even while I understand that they are absolutely necessary.

Mogul Skiing.
First of all: AS IF.
Secondly: baggybaggybaggy = not flattering!

I don't like the shoes.


Anonymous said…
I wanted to comment something witty and funny.
Then I read my WF


Anonymous said…
Why, that's the same reason why I didn't try out for the bobsled team!
I want to know how the figure skaters keep from getting wedgies while they spin and split.

Special Costume Glue? Double sided sticky tape?
Crazy Mom! said…
I am really impressed with the thunder thighs of the speed skaters. I've been showing the Stooges "Look at the size of their thighs!" While I don't like the baggy stuff the mogul skiers where, I did like the outdoor couch the leaders got to lie around on. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/1002/olympics.day3/content.11.html
and http://ewpopwatch.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/luxury_sofa_lounge.jpg
Anonymous said…
You are funny. I too thought the mogul skiing costumes were silly, especially the US ones. They looked like giant windy jammies. But I loved those big pillow chairs they plopped down on after they raced. Those looked really comfy.

Caterina said…
HAhaha, thanks :D for that, hahaha.
ssheers said…
My teenage daughter is a hockey goalie. Her outfit is overwhelming.