80's fashions

I'm going to an 80's party next weekend. I went to one last year and wore a black vinyl mini skirt. This time, I was thinking I'd like to wear something different.
What I'd really love to do is show up in a replica of Princess Diana's wedding dress. Imagine?

Princess Diana's dress

It might be tough to wear at a party, though.
I did a little internet research as I was thinking of wearing an 80's prom dress...

prom dress

Looks like fun, doesn't it?

prom dress

Strapless is, apparently, the way to go!

prom dress

I'm not sure I know the difference between and 80's prom dress and a BAD prom dress.

I think I may have to reconsider my fall-back plan: black leggings, K's shirt belted, ankle socks and heels.

I'm going to need some drinks...


dan renzi said…
Instead of the Madonna/tuille look, for an authentic 80's prom dress get your basic bridesmaid dress: fitted bodice, those awful poofy shoulder sleeves, and floor length layers and layers of taffeta. You need this dress to be as noisy as possible when you walk.


Although this dress could use a little more volume in the skirt.

And a permed wig, or feather your bangs.
KPB said…
At first I was laughing at the difference between an 80s prom dress and a bad prom dress (is there?) but then read Dan's comment, which was pithy and erudite. So what he said.
Lover Lady said…
Neon makeup is back in vogue, which would be the perfect look...and yes to curled hair with mile-high "Closer to God" bangs (see link). Good old-fashioned Aqua Net works best for this style.

Priscilla said…
I don't think there's enough fabric in Tuvalu for that wedding dress. If it's a friends normal size house you may not fit in a room, comfortably or be able to move.

I miss her.

Can't wait to see what you come up with.
jen said…
If you come in that pink dress you will kill us all dead AND IT WILL BE AWESOME!

Can't wait to see you!!
Anonymous said…
Ah, the Princess's wedding dress--that would be a majestic entrance! What--no big-shouldered power suit ala Melanie Griffith in Working Girl???
Carol said…
Wedding dress! Wedding dress! Dan is right. My prom dress (1984) was a peach bridesmaid dress with poofy sleeves and ruffles. It lacked the miles of crinoline though and sadly was the exact color of my flesh. I thought it was beautiful.

Wendy is making ours! Yes, she can even make mall bangs.
Stephanie said…
You could always wear an ESPRIT logo tshirt. Or something splattered in primary paint colors. I can't wait to see your final choice!
Poppy B. said…
Last year I went as a prep (talk about type casting) so this year I think I have to be a Wannabe. The good news is that's almost as easy; I just have to raid my daughter's stash.
Amy A. said…
I remember wearing my boyfriends Members Only jacket. Dreamy...

But the prom dress IS they way to go! With Jellies! Those plastic colored shoes. Remember?

And fingerless lace gloves.

And gel the hair into a bi-level!

I need to get myself to an 80's party!
If you do the leggings, you need to get some legwarmers.
Anonymous said…
All you need to wear is a pair of shoulder pads, tucked under your bra straps. And THEN a Member Only jacket.
WF gubad ( he he he)
Anonymous said…
Ugh, I am having horrific high school flashbacks. I had a bi-level. With a perm. OMG, what was I thinking?

If you wear K's shirt, don't forget to put the collar up. And be sure to wear some frosty lipstick.

Kel said…
I think my mom still has my prom dress from 1979! Peach and cream dotted fabric of probably poly/cotton and a lace jacket. Is K going? He could wear what my date wore, a white tux with a peach frilly shirt and cumber bund!
The party sounds fun, hope you have a great time.
Duyvken said…
Oh you have to go as Princess Di.
You must.
I insist.
And you must take pictures.
Caterina said…
Princess Di....oh, sigh. Miss her. Not like I knew her or anything, but y'know...miss her ;)

I have a closet FULL of 1980's prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses. You're more than welcome to take 'em!