Wednesday, the high points

  • Have a day off!
  • Got a hefty raise!
  • Survived the "review process."
  • Slept a little late and drove Youngest to school.
  • Returned to aforementioned school with medical release 15 minutes later!
  • Am driving Middle to his first day back at Art School.
  • Will then go to the supermarket - during the week, a thrill!
  • Am picking up Youngest and taking him for his first injection.
  • Epi-Pens at the ready!
  • Did some laundry!
  • Peanut M&M's.
  • Colored the very top of my hair which I had missed last weekend.
  • Favorite neighbors demo team is across the street demo-ing.
  • Remind me to cook them some dinner.
  • Our dinner? Something with sausages.


Amy A. said…
A hefty raise and a day at home. Just what I need!

Enjoy. :)
Crazy Mom! said…
A raise! I can only dream....

Anonymous said…
I can't imagine anyone NOT giving you a hefty raise.
Peanut M&M's uh?
Sounds like Sweetarts are SO yesterday.
Lover Lady said…
Congrats on the raise!!! After that faboo holiday party, how could they tell you no??
Eleanor said…
Wonderful news about the raise!! And your hair looked perfect to me. Big thanks to K for his comment, K! K! In my commentbox!!
Badger said…
YAY on the raise! World domination cannot be far behind, yo.

We are having sausages too! With potatoes! And Brussels sprouts!

But now I want some peanut m&m's. Crap.
Poppy B. said…
Congrats! Bartender! Hermes scarves all around!
jo said…
The raise! The raise! Congratulation. You obviously rock at negotiation.
OF COURSE you got the raise!
But more important...

Peanut Crack&M's *sigh*
Duyvken said…
Congrats! And enjoy the supermarket, I ADORED exploring the US supermarkets, so much cool stuff!!
Anonymous said…
What a day! Good for you on the $$ and the (stellar, I'm sure) review.

Don't forget to cook dinner for your neighbors. Which reminds ME: Our favorite neighbors are moving to NOVIA SCOTIA--tomorrow morning! Just typing that brings a lump to my throat--again. It's hard to lose good neighbors who are also good friends.

Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the raise, bb! What fantastic news.

Nova Scotia is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I see a wonderful vacation in someone's future.

RW said…
congratulations on your raise.
and laundry done too.
KPB said…
YEY for the raise - that is most awesome.

Good luck for Youngest. Been on my mind a lot lately.

I adored peanut M&Ms until I discovered there are peanut butter ones.

You missed a patch on your head and had to undergo a review process? Huh. Maybe the raise is a sympathy raise - you know for their 'special' staff member.

At the ready with a tray.

Oh - and what the hell are neighbour demos?
Anonymous said…
So lovely about your raise! I prefer the peanut M&Ms too.
Yes, explain neighbor demos--I have karate on the brain and imagine them practicing weapons forms on their yard.
Unknown said…
Hooray and congratulations on the raise and good review and all the rest of the excitement and happy good times!

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