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I used to do a weekly show and tell post a long time ago. I don't have the time anymore but would probably participate if someone else started it. You know the drill - someone chooses something they want to see and we each post a closet, my feet, my basement (nope!).

The free subscription to satellite radio in my Jeep finally expired last week. While I enjoyed it there is no way I'm paying money to continue to listen to the radio in my car. So, in a stroke of genius, whilst driving around yesterday, I phoned Middle (my cell phone transmits through my car radio):
bb: hey! I don't have satellite radio anymore!
Middle: mhmm.
bb: and you know I loved the comedy channel...
Middle: mhmm
bb: so, I've decided that you'll need to tell me jokes, over the phone, while I drive around!!!
My excitement at this solution is obvious from my punctuation. His? Not so much.

On to show and tell - from last week...

It's gotten icy cold here. 8, 11, 16. Cold.
I had breakfast with my pals and noticed:

<span class=

this clever solution to a missing zipper tab. Of course I do wish my friend D had found a black twist tie...but I give her points for ingenuity.

Middle and I took a walk through the flower markets on our way to school/work one morning. We were being pelted with snow and noticed a trend:

<span class=






Now I want some sticks!

We had no idea what in the WORLD this is:

no idea

and continued on our snowy way.

snow falling

The city was fresh and snowy feeling that morning and we laughed and smiled and ended up a little damp by the time we reached our destinations.

on a <span class=

I was terribly proud of myself when I completed the crossword puzzle on Wednesday. (They get harder each day and I don't often finish the Wednesday crossword.)

I went downtown to work on my friend's iPhone App again, one night after work. She had wine and cheese for me (even though cheese is not a VO artist's friend, she told me) and we got through it.

<span class=

They pump concrete all day and all night at the site that was The World Trade Center. All day and all night, with the entire place lit like a football stadium and hundreds of workers working and dozens of big machines humming and clanking.

On my way home that evening: a volley of text messages.

<span class=

- it seemed to me...

and THEN

<span class=

K's advice?

<span class=

Also on the train that evening?

<span class=

The Rider Of Shame. Winner of the Loud Talker Award for January, I now know her phone number and address and each and every job she has held for the last ten years.

K and I went to the big box store over the weekend. We go once or twice a year and needed trash bags. Needing trash bags didn't stop us from purchasing soda and muffins and detergent and an enormous bed for our aged pup.

<span class=

A: The dead lemon tree with three year guarantee. K is writing a letter.
B: Enormous CHEAP ($20) dog bed with fleecy bottom and soft cedar scent.
C: Historic bakelite records for the gramophone thing. Which we do play. From time to time.

There are no pictures from the evening we spent with our Belgian friends. We had a fondue! It was a great effort for me to drag myself away from the roast chicken and mac and cheese I made for the boys, but worth it in the end as good times are always had with our Belgian friends.

Oldest may well have been out with the firemen - Middle and Youngest kept each other company.


See what soda does to a child?


Ali said…
It's a pitcher plant. They're carniverous. Do you like it more or less now?
eurolush said…
1. Rider of Shame. Should be a weekly series, complete with shameful details. Dig it.

2. Sticks. I do love sticks. Branches, too.

3. Dog bed looks like it's most appreciated. Cedar smell = good.
Anonymous said…
K is too funny.
Soda IS bad for you.
For split second I really thought you'd be showingn us your mythical basement. Alas, a myth is a MYTH.
Crazy Mom! said…
Those pitcher plants are thought to be very cool by Larry, who raised carnivorous plants for a while.

Love the trip pics....
Badger said…
I miss show & tell! But I am not taking it over. Nope.

My lemon tree died, too. Although I still maintain that the fruit it gave us? That one time that it actually produced fruit? NOT LEMONS.

The blossoms smelled really good, though. Sigh.
Scot said…
"I WANT STICKS" you say, well judging from that sad little lemon tree, you have sticks!
Remind me to tell you about my house plants someday.
kt said…
pitcher plant, pitcher plane, pitcher plant.

Alas, I am late and someone else learned has bestowed this knowledge upon you.

My 3 year old lemon tree is still alive, but hasn't produced yet. I read that i need to start fertilizing it from Feb to May.

Lately I only go to the BIG STORE to get prescriptions and books.

Nice doggy bed. Kick-Ass gloves!
Crazy Mom! said…
BTW - show and tell with refrigerator - what's in it? I'll do it if you will.
Anonymous said…
Okay, what is up with Oldest and the firefighters? And at least the Rider of Shame wasn't putting on her MAKEUP. Also, please expand more on the blogging at work thing when you can. Thanks!

barbra said…
I too wanted to jump in with "It's a pitcher plant!"

Late to the party...
Caterina said…
I miss Show-N-Tell too.
KPB said…
The Rider of Shame seems to be channelling Diane Keaton in Baby Boom, or perhaps Melanie Griffiths in Working Girl.

I can't believe that dog is still alive and that you are indulging his arthritic bones.
KPB said…
I thought everyone in the US had a basement. Well, you know, everyone who lived in a house. I kinda thought it was a rule.
KPB said…
Oh and we've had our lemon tree planted in the backyard for 10 years and it's yet to ever really crop good fruit such is the poor quality of our soil, the effing possums eating all the new growth and any young fruit that appears and any other of life's ills.

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