I'll tell ya...

This whole work, hospital, home at 9pm thing?
Is wearing me out.

In other news: Archer proves that I am nearly an old person. The jokes come flying too fast for me to get. Never mind, I am aging gracefully.

New Taste Of Interest: The Heath Bar. Slightly salty, just enough chocolate.

Yesterday was the last day for one of my favorite fellow employees. I'll miss her terribly but, with the grace of the aforementioned age, know that the time she worked with me will barely be a footnote in the history of her life.

I think I miss Eleanor. My city was more exciting while she was here and I was thinking about how she would experience it.

Feeling kind of old today. And tired. Tell me something funny, won't you?


eurolush said…
Know what?

I think it's time for you to go to Sydney.

PS-I would tell you something funny, but I'm pretty sure the potty humor I laugh at wouldn't make you crack a smile.
Crazy Mom! said…
I hope you mother recovers soon. So hard doing that. And so hard seeing a loved one ill.

I lurve Archer. It is BAD! So politically incorrect! DH and I were snorting, as was Larry.
Anonymous said…
I get on a Heath Bar kick every now and then. I haven't watched Archer because TV mostly disappoints me anymore.
But! The other day D and I were out for lunch and a client dropped by our table and asked "How do you put up with him?" I laughed. He then said, "I figured he'd mellow out once you got him fixed, but that didn't happen, did it?" I replied, "You know, when he had to have that cone on his head for two weeks it ended up making him angrier than ever before." The client and I howled with laughter. D didn't find it as amusing as we did.
Crazy Mom! said…
Oh - And I have a Heath bar in my purce right now. MMM. My grandfather used to call them H Eat H bars.

were we separated at birth?
Anonymous said…
Hey, take it easy, will ya?
You kjnow I worry about you little bird thing.
So, is your mom feeling better?
On a TOTALLY different subject:
today is my dad's birthday! And I LUFF (to quote you) my dad.
Thought I'd share that with you...
Anonymous said…
You sound blue. Maybe the weekend will make it better.

I thought of you this morning as I was putting my makeup on--WHILE ON THE BUS. I was thinking that my doing that wouldn't annoy you, since it was ME doing it. But I guess I'm glad you didn't have to be there to witness it. Just in case.

Amy A. said…
This is good, you talking about aging gracefully, because I have been disdaining my age recently. And the small fine line that has appeared next to my mouth. Ah, well.

Now, something funny.

What do you do when you see a spaceman?

Park in it, man!

That one cracks me up but I don't think it translates well written down. :)
Anonymous said…
Better a heath bar than a sweettart, I think. Hope your mom feels better soon.
dan renzi said…
My friend was visiting her parents' home, when the pipes burst in the kitchen.

When the plumber arrived, her father greeted him at the door with much enthusiasm. "Please, fix it, do whatever you have to do," he said as they surveyed the wet floor. "I'll give you anything. Take my daughters! They're yours!"

And then he pointed at my friend. "Except you shouldn't take that one," dad said. "She's been around more than a sailor."

The punch line: my friend wasn't offended in the slightest.
Duyvken said…
I hope that the silver lining in teh current cloud is that your mom is doing better? Hopefully, she'll be back home soon and then hospital evenings will be a thing of the past.
I also have the post-holiday blues although, I at least, had a holiday. Somehow, you have managed to get the former without the benefit of the latter and truly sucks.
Unknown said…
What's red and smells like blue paint?


Wait for it.....

Red paint!!


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