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I'm going to trim my bangs today.
They're bothering me and I'm not going into town and paying all kinds of money for my guy to trim them. I'll see him in a couple of weeks for a cut, okay?

I found this blog yesterday - no clue what lead me to it but it's grand. I spent a long time reading and smiling.

The Headphones have arrived. Middle is very very happy. Photos to follow.

It's terribly cold outside (18F with 40mph winds) and we have put the heavy wool blanket on our bed. (Aren't you glad you stopped by?) I keep thinking about Eleanor's family! (Actually, I corresponded a bit with Eleanor and I think they are napping and eating at odd hours as the jet lag has caught them.) can be talked into Free One Day Shipping, I'm only saying. One must be patient, however, with the customer service people even when one suspects that there may be language difficulties.

Whilst speaking of my friends in the internet to K, I usually say something like: my Fluid Pudding friend's daughter swallowed a diamond...or, I wonder how my English friend would like this teacup...or, it looks like my Australian friend had a wonderful Christmas and then K will say: which Australian friend? the knitter? the one with the boys? or the one you are meeting up with?

Last evening we had dinner with our IRL Australian friend and his family. He made two lasagnas! One with meat and one with veg and I had a piece of each and THEN we dug into a Harrod's Christmas Pudding (with brandy) that a friend from London had brought me. WELL.
Let me just say that it was FLAMMABLE. Flammable, dear friends. Probably, also, it was the first alcohol-ish thing that Youngest has ever had. It was very delicious but I think I'll ask for one sans brandy next time.

envelope use

How music is meant to be heard.

the case

The case, which has his name on it but which I, cleverly, photoshopped out.

<span class=

The small print. (They are clever too.)


The Headphones...

In Ear Out Of Focus

The Headphones: In His Ear And Out Of Focus.

Not only can Middle now hear Music as It IS Meant To Be Heard but he is completely and totally deaf to everything around him - which I could worry about but will choose not to.

(For those asking about him damaging his hearing with these headphones: we spoke to the audiologist who fitted him for them and they are actually better for one's ears as high volume is not needed to hear the music well.)

I think K is going to boost the memory in my laptop today. We've just realized that it has less than an iPod.


Badger said…
Wait, isn't the pudding flammable because you're supposed to light it on fire before serving? Or is that just a lot of Dickensian rubbish? If only we knew some opinionated English people who could tell us!
Amy A. said…
Remember to keep your shears vertical whilst snipping your fringe. Makes for a more professional look. :) I've learned the hard way.

I'm jealous of the ear phones.
alice c said…
Kindly inform Ms. Badger that setting fire to the Christmas Pudding with the best brandy is the only way to make it edible. I have it down to a piece of performance art. The trick is not to leave the sprig of holly on the top otherwise it becomes uncomfortably like a bonfire.
Anonymous said…
I adore clever things.
off to check out the blog you mention.
Anonymous said…
Excellent Photoshopping on Middle's ear case. Congrats on the additional memory. Can K do that IRL? I could use it...
Badger said…
I KNEW IT. (And I meant "opinionated" in the best possible way. I hope that was understood.)
blackbird said…
I'm glad we've cleared THAT up.
ErinH said…
Okay. So long as you follow Amy A's guidelines.
Mary said…
happy new year to all the bird family!

We only have a few short hours before it is here!

Sinda said…
India Knight finds all the cleverest things - and writes a lovely column in the Times, too (hers, not ours).

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