the sweetest giveaway

Someone did something very nice for me last week.
Last week, I said: Why, though, have I not found Love Actually on television yet this season?
and, miraculously, not one but TWO dvd's of the movie showed up in my mailbox.
Isn't the internet a lovely place?
But, no one needs TWO copies of the dvd of Love Actually, do they?
I will send a dvd to one devoted reader.
Tell me, dear readers...tell me what you are wearing to your Christmas celebration!
I will put the comments through a random number generator (which I will find with google, right?) and choose and announce, and even link to, the fortunate winner.


Lover Lady said…
I do not need the movie as I already own it, and I am not having a Christmas celebration at work since I remain unemployed, so I respectfully remove myself from consideration for the prize.

However, last weekend we had a small gathering at our house and I wore very dark dress jeans, a Christmas red boatneck sweater with a touch of rouching at the neck and the loveliest red beaded long necklace and earring set.
ann said…
hmmm...i'm intrigued by the movie (have never seen it, but just read the synopsis on imdb).
my christmas gathering ensemble will most likely be jeans, boots & a sweater. very casual, functional & comfortable. i'll accessorize with my college graduation watch (practically an antique!) and a bracelet my oldest son bought for me for 50 cents and that i love more than i can say.
vicious_pretty said…
my boss and his girlfriend had a christmas party last night, and i felt very fortunate to attend. it was mostly their friends and family, so to me it was like saying, "i like you outside of work. you're my friend." which i think is a very precious thing to find in a good boss. :)

anyway, i couldn't find the exact color sweater online, but i found it's relative:

the sweater was black, the trim grey, the diamonds were red and grey with green piping. VERY festive. i wore it with black slacks and silver leaf-cluster earrings. my favorite part about this sweater was how i FELT wearing it, not only extremely comfortable, but pretty too. :)
cary perk said…
I already own the movie, so I don't wish to be considered, but I wanted to say how nice it is that people are so thoughtful!

We're having 3 Christmas celebrations, thanks to complicated schedules of everyone involved, so I get to dress up three times.

I'll wearing a matte black sequined long top over leggings and boots for one.

I'll break out a white on white dotted sleeveless top with long black ribbon around the neck (purchased at Club Monaco in NYC in Sept) for another.

And the shaggy black faux fur vest (from Target, and you would never know!) with a white flowy blouse - black pants or skirts with all...

I tend to overbuy festive clothes every fall, in my rush to bring on the holidays, and barely get a chance to wear it all once. I'm happy for all the chances I get this year.

I hope you wear your fabulous cashmere arm warmers to everything this season, and a merry christmas!
lagata said…
Probably jeans, black boots, black lace with gold thread layered over a black cami. With faux pearls on gold chain.

We are a pretty casual group here :)
Anonymous said…
I have it too.
Harriet said…
To a big family party on Christmas Eve, I'll most likely be wearing a purple and gold silk Eileen Fisher blouse from many seasons ago and a black asymmetrically seamed EF knit skirt with black tights and boots. And I must confess that as yet I've never seen this movie, although I hear it's a good one.
Scot said…
Great minds think alike, yes?
Did you watch the deleted scenes yet? They're the best! esp. the scenes with the "Deeply Unpleasent Son Bernard" and the "Scary/Stern Headmistress" Funny as hell and made me like this movie even more than I already do.
Happy Christmas,
I LOVE this movie and what a kind giveaway. I am wearing some nice blank pants and a red top that is silky on top. It'll be cute and it's so comfy.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com
Eleanor said…
So I guess I'll take that one off the "presents to give bb when I see her" list.

I cannot alas describe my Christmas outfit to you, in fact I cannot even describe my "meeting bb IRL" outfit either. The...pressure...the...pressure... BUT, as Kim kindly reminds me whenever I'm preparing for a splitsing.. make sure you wear clean undies and an artistic brooch.
RW said…
we have the movie too so I eliminate myself from the draw....

and I missed my work social - which to be frank is not necessarily a bad thing.

we are having dinner with friends ... I may break out the red chucks
Julia said…
At our work shindig, I wore a silver silk sleeveless top over black trousers and flats, with pearly bangles. It felt fun to be so elegant for once!

For Christmas, I'll wear a blue button down top with a gray cashmere sweater and jeans. Comfy, warm and perfect for playing on the floor with the kids and looking somewhat dressed up for the Christmas pictures!
Unknown said…
Jeans, black dansko Mary Janes, grey socks with black polka dots, black t-shirt, grey cashmere sweather and grey scarf. And I have to go put that on now because we're leaving for a party ...
Suse said…
I too already have the movie so don't put me into the random number thingie.

I'm not sure what I'll be wearing but it will most likely involve a sun hat and sandals as we're off to Queensland and it will be stinking hot.

Happy Christmas to you dear BB!
Amy A. said…
We are going for ugly at our work party. The ugliest sweater wins. So I will have on a striped shirt under a gaudy vest, with a red pleated skirt, tights and mary janes. Very festive. I'll have to change before I go any place else, though. :)
MsCellania said…
Have the movie, need it in Blu-Ray however.
I'll be wearing Eileen Fisher something. And a smile.
Duyvken said…
I'll be wearing a black tankini under a red maxi dress, lots of sunscreen and a smile!
Poppy B. said…
Not only do I not already own Love Actually, I've never even seen it. Which means I totally deserve this giveaway--random numbers be damned.

For our Christmas celebration, I'll be wearing a black drapey top from Lafayette 148, pair of black Eileen Fischer pants, black socks, and black black Cordani clogs. I'll wear my red and green Indian enamel necklace and the coordinating earrings I bought when I was shopping WITH YOU.

I totally deserve that movie.
tammy said…
Hmmm... don't think I'll be leaving the house, so probably something warm and cozy :)
Sharon said…
I wish I was wearing something truly exciting to some exotic Christmas soiree... but my Christmas celebration will be small, with just my husband and my mother-in-law. My family lives far away but we'll speak on the phone. I'll probably wear my prettiest pajamas.

I do love Love Actually, and will watch it year-round... and will always, alway cry at the scene in the restaurant.
Jan said…
Here at recuperation central, I may be wearing some flannel pjs, appropriately holiday-themed. Or if I get dressed, I'll probably be pulling some EF from the closet. I love that movie...I'd love to be thrown in the mix!
Anonymous said…
A week ago I'd have taken you up on this...thank goodness I don't have to!
idajo said…
christmas party.....

form fitting black sweater dress that comes to just below my knees, over a pair of dark jeans that flare and stop right at the ground over 4inch black ankle boots. PLUS SPANX to wrangle the girls in.

accessories: a few of granny's pieces.

haven't seen the movie but love a good christmas flick.
Mary said…
I own the movie too so no need to put me in the draw either!

Hmmm- I know I will wear nice jewels - a pretty kaftan from Boden UK and some white pants from Samos in Greece-

Merry Christmas my dear BB - I send you a hug via Eleanor..
Jenny said…
Silver and black, with a little crystal quartz bling.
Anonymous said…
When I read your earlier comment about not seeing the movie yet this season, I thought to myself, "Surely K or one of the boys will read that and get it for her stocking." Then, today, while I was searching for a cd for my son, I noticed the dvds, and thought to myself, "Maybe I should see if they have that movie and send it off to bb, just in case." I less than three the fact that TWO readers actually did that. Maybe more, who knows what Monday's mail could bring!

Anyway, I haven't seen it, put me in please! I haven't a clue what I'll be wearing, exactly. Black, black, and a bit of silver?

jo said…
Our Christmas celebration will be the week after Christmas. I am holding it at the school so I can seat everyone and have 6 ovens and plenty of burners to play with ad since I am feeding all my very swish outfit will be black chef's pants, birkie professional clogs and a T-shirt, but to make it a bit festive it will be topped off with one of these aprons.

So very Mad Men.
Keetha said…
I'm likely wearing the new sweater my husband bought last week and wore to a party Saturday night. Then I washed it in a load of laundry yesterday, thus shrinking it to a size that either me or our eight year old son, could wear it.

It's a good looking sweater.
Anonymous said…
bb, I never enter blog giveaways. But thank you for doing this one. It IS sweet. But how do all of these people have your address? Maybe they have just a cropped version of it. : )

We didn't do a holiday party this year. But I would have worn what Cary Perk said she would wear. I thought those outfits sounded just about right.

Unknown said…
Ooh, I'd love to own a copy of Love, Actually! I'll be doing my Holiday Open House on Monday, Dec 28, since it's not only the traditional theatre night off, but also the day before my birthday. I haven't had a year-end party since 2006, and I needed a boost in the feeling festive department, being still unemployed and all.

I expect to wear a dark navy Velvet knit top with an embellished panel at the decolletage, a grey pencil skirt, black tights and my comfy black stiletto boots. It's super comfy and just the right combo of sohpisticated, sparkly and fabulous.
Unknown said…
Um, make that "sophisticated," please.
alice c said…
I have remembered that you once advised that a bra is the only essential piece of clothing so I am majoring on that.

Love Actually has fallen out of favour in our house since it was disclosed that Hugh Grant is OLDER than MrM which completely changed MissM's attitude to aforementioned filmstar.

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