The Party

All day long, yesterday at my office, the air hummed with excitement.
Last night was The Holiday Party.
Lots of people were dressed up, some people changed just before the party, but wherever I went I saw and felt the anticipation of a fun night out.

party shoes
Party shoes, waiting for the party.

It was a long day and my co-worker K had a rough time doing some contract work but, finally, she and I and C (another friend of ours at work) hopped in a cab and went up to the venue.
Have I described the venue?
It is/was the commercial catering kitchen used by one of the biggest restaurant owners in the city and it was the perfect place for our party...

<span class=

I know it doesn't seem terribly glamorous but think about it: when you have people over, when you have a party, where do people congregate? The kitchen. And this kitchen? Staffed with world-class chefs? Served by over a dozen wait-staff? With three bars? Well, it was fabulous.


The lights were turned down, music was turned up, and food was served.

Bars were stocked!

And there I was!


Smiling! In pictures!

<span class=

Talking? About something?

saying something



It was all wonderful...


and delicious


and fun.

At about eight o'clock one of the VP's came over and asked me if I wanted to meet
Maira Kalman.
I knew that Ms. Kalman had been invited but was not sure she would attend. I dreamed of meeting her, I thought, carefully, about what I would say if I was lucky enough to meet her. Do you remember how much I love Maira Kalman?
Off we went, to meet my idol.
I did my best not to gush or seem stalker-like - and I think I did okay. I told her how much I like her work and we chatted a little bit before I stepped away and let her enjoy the party (though I would have loved to have spent more time with her).
Later in the evening, I passed by her again and she waved me over to meet her daughter who was a sous chef at The Kitchen. I told her how much I wished one of my boys would go to culinary school (I've nagged them for years!) and how, obviously, the Kalmans are the perfect family.
We had a laugh as I repeated my speech of adoration, sighing dramatically for Miss Kalman whilst asking Maira if I did it as well the second time.

More food, more drinks and more laughs later, K and I took our leave.
Tired and happy, I smiled all the way home.

Our party was a great success - and co-worker K and I basked in the glory of it all day today while people stopped us in the hall to tell us how wonderful it was.
That I met someone I admire so much at this great party was just icing.
Icing on my Christmas cake.


Anonymous said…
I am SO proud of you! And heartglad that you had such an excellent evening. How your idol came to be there is a story I hope to hear.

Your arm warmers are so elegant, and I love the watch on the outside. You have style, bb. But what, no drinky?

That looked like so much fun and you looked very elegant.

Congrats on the party success!
islaygirl said…
Maira Kalman!!!!!!!!!
Mary said…
You introduced me to Maira Kalman - and I now religiously read her column each month - I am so happy you got to meet her...

and the arm warmers are divine...
Anonymous said…
Well, we can safely say the evening exceeded all expectations.

So happy for you!

robiewankenobie said…
do i spy luxurious cashmere arm warmers? swank, my darling.
RW said…
those arm warmers are fantastic!
and you got to meet M Kamlman!
what a party
KPB said…
1. OMG - I've been meaning to ask you for YEARS about that book you mentioned once that had illustrations and it was by a woman and you got it for Christmas.

2. I can't tell you how delightful it is re-reading old posts of yours.

3. My GOD you're short.

4. I can't believe that damn dog is still alive.

5. I haven't been commenting with my usual zeal these last few weeks. It is not intentional, just this time of year and buckets going on with Oscar and my Mum. I still read you first each and every day.

6. MWAH.
Jan said…
SO jealous!! Meeting MK!! Was she wearing something offbeat, as I often note in her photos?
Anonymous said…
That shot of you smiling in your VERy chic, VERY hip, VERY soft arm warmers is PRICELESS. You look like you're in a movie!
I'm so happy so met your idol (although I guessed the wrong person) and that venue is FANTASTIC!!!
Congratulations for what I knew alreadfy would have been a swell event.
lagata said…
Arm Warmers - SWEET! Looks like a fabulous time was had by all. Congrats!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful party! But my feet were aching in sympathy at fancy party shoes on a hard, tiled kitchen floor. Your arms were surely happy, though!
alice c said…
I live vicariously through you...I hadn't realised how much I was looking forward to your party until I felt quite ill with anticipation on the day. I am thrilled that it went so well, and that you got to meet Maira Kalman, and that you were wearing your armwarmers and looking so chic. Could life get any sweeter?
Badger said…
Oh! I KNEW that was you in the picture from yesterday! The tiny one in the arm warmers! And I do remember how much you love her! And I am using a lot of exclamation points!

Your party was WAY more fun than mine is going to be. Oy.
Loretta said…
Maira Kalman!

Oh BB!
Alice said…
You look so lovely! Those arm warmers, worn to perfection!

And Maira Kalman, oh, wow!
Lover Lady said…
I am so jealous of that party--what fun! And you are so stylish and wee, just like I thought. And I cannot even imagine what it would be like to meet an artist of Kalman's stature. Wow.
Amy A. said…
You have a pretty smile. :)
eurolush said…
How did I miss this post?

You are adorable.
Elan Morgan said…
Maira Kalman?!
Anonymous said…
What a perfect party--setting, company, surprise, cashmere arm warmers, huge smile. I'm so glad you posted this for us to read.

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