an evening at the theater

K made us some truly awe-inspiring Croque-Monsieurs. You know, there's nothing like some bechamel to bolster one up for a drive into town. Do you know what it's like in town right now?
I wove in and out of bumper-to-bumper traffic like a crazy person as the curtain was at seven and we left my house at 5:45 AND SO DID EVERYONE ELSE.
My deft driving skills got us into town by 6:30 and then we sat in MORE traffic.
SOME might say my city driving is a little crazy but MOST people appreciate that I can get my car across town through all kinds of craziness...and I did last night.
But, worried about the time, with no parking lot lined up (and seeing lot after lot after lot full) I suggested (in a completely frantic, anxiety-inducing way) that the moms get out and walk the last few blocks while I parked the car - that we'd meet at the theater.
The streets were packed so full of people and cars that driving and walking were both difficult but soon after I threw two grandmothers from the vehicle, I found a garage with space and hopped out.
But where were the moms, I wondered.
I looked at the huge crowds and was a little worried about them...there they were, in one of the most crowded neighborhoods, teeming with people...on foot! Without me!
Should I run ahead to the theater? Were they behind me still walking?
I walked slowly at first and then looked at the time...6:45! I ran and then spotted them at an intersection asking for directions!
I'm here! I shouted, happy to see them.
We hurried the last block and rushed into the theater so flustered that I gave the usher the prescription for my mammogram instead of my e-ticket. He was nice about it and showed us to our seats.
It was the perfect show for us. Indeed, the perfect show for any group of sisters, girlfriends, cousins. You should go!
We sat and laughed (and though it was sometimes poignant, did not cry, which was nice) and had a good time.
(The lady sitting behind me was one of those heavy emoters? She made audibly loud sighs and moans during the performance, and at one point laughed so hard she could not catch her breath.)
The drive home was easy and Grammy stayed the night...

Chores today.



The Coffee Lady said…
Well done for not crying! I just cried at Alvin and the bleeding Chipmunks.
Anonymous said…
I love Nora. Even her neck.

Anonymous said…
What a fantastic evening, and what a nice thing to do with your mothers. The part about getting to the theater reminds me of when Julia Sweeney tells about taking her parents to the theater in And God Said Ha!

Anonymous said…
LOL at the *boob eticket*! I cannot imagine even attempting to drive into the Manhattan theater district. (I did drive a conversion van into and out of the financial district a few years back, though, to pick up #1 Son from NYU. Stress.)
dan renzi said…
At least you didn't show him the photo images of the mammorgram. He may have thought you were trying to be fresh.
RW said…
I was getting a bit nervous just reading about it...
Anonymous said…
That sounds perfectly memorable. The fact that you navigate that traffic is really impressive. Color me awed.
Melene said…
I just ordered tickets for my Mom and I to see this show on March 11th. I cannot wait! And I'm so thankful we can take a taxi or walk.
Happy 2010 to you.

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