December 7

Middle sees everything through a lens.
He makes a difficult decision, each morning. Will he commute with his camera or his laptop? His pack is too heavy to carry both every day.
Invariably, he'll report that he made the wrong choice - that the sky over the city had the most excellent light or that there was a team of fire fighters in front of his office or the perfect cloud cover was just outside his window and that he brought his laptop.
I have occasionally had the experience, with my brother B, wherein I feel as though his photos are exactly what I would have shot if I were seeing what B was seeing.
I rarely feel that way about Middle's photographs. Instead, I feel, when I see Middle's photos, as though he is always lucky enough to stumble across the most amazing scenes to take pictures of. Of course that's not true.
Middle doesn't stumble.
Middle sees and composes and thinks and frames and shoots.

I am biased and love his pictures and have no idea if he has talent. It's easier for me to tell you that he is talented at editing films or creating special effects as these skills seem, somehow, more measurable.
I can tell you that I admire him, that his life is enviable right now, and that today is his birthday.

We love you, Middle - and we'll see you tonight for steak and potatoes.


The Coffee Lady said…
Well I know nothing, but I think that's pretty damn amazing.
Badger said…
Happy birthday to Middle! That photo = AWESOME.
Anonymous said…
Having worked in photography for 15+ years and film for the 10 before that, I can tell you he has talent. His gift is being able to get the vision in his head out (which is the hard part) and making it work with what he is seeing. be it photography, special effects or editing, he does beautiful work, and he's a good guy too! Happy birthday middle. Ill look for you tonight online.

RW said…
Well Happy Birthday to your Middle!

I am enjoying the photos very much.
Paula said…
Talent? Yes!

Happy birthday too!
Anonymous said…
HB2Middle! Perhaps he needs a pocket-sized point-and-shoot camera in his stocking? No scene should go uncaptured by this boy.
Joan said…
Wow-- happy birthday to a gifted young man!
Anonymous said…
That photo is amazing. I think it's publishable. Does he shop his work around?

Happy birthday, kiddo. Kiss your mom for giving you your life. What a life it is!

ssheers said…
Happy Birthday to Middle!
Anonymous said…
Many happy returns to your son. That is a great picture.
Jen on the Edge said…
Happy birthday to a very talented Middle!
Anonymous said…
Well, I have lost words looking at that shot.
Happy birthday Middle dear.
alice c said…
Happy day Middle - I wish you a great year full of new friends and new ideas.
MsCellania said…
One could make a movie around that shot.
Happy Birthday, Middle!
Happy Birthday Middle.
I wish you another year of doing what you obviously love to do.
Caterina said…
Happy Birthday! Have a festive day!
Jess said…

I don't know you, Middle, but I can tell you that this shot made me stop and gape and lose track of the conversation I was having.

Happy Birthday, Young Artist.
Loretta said…
1) I would so buy a print of that photo!

2) Happy Birthday Middle! You must be great cause you share a birthday with Mr. Pom!
Quirky Jessi said…
He is very talented indeed. You're not alone in thinking his work is amazing.
Anonymous said…
Thanks everyone.

Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Middle, just a little late to the party. Hope it was grand, and the year ahead better!

Unknown said…
I, too, am a little late to the party, but wanted to say talented? Abso-frickin'-lutely!

Congratulations to Middle on surviving another trip round the sun, and congratulations to bb on the anniversary of giving birth to such a talented young man! Nicely done, both of you!
Mary said…
I am so very late but Happy Birthday Middle

and your photo took my breath away..

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