courtesy of Dr. E.

The cast:


now signed by many friends.


Another angle. It's black!


The controller...

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<span class=

game playing has not been interrupted.

Dr. E. mentioned that it was the second 5th Metacarpal he had cast that afternoon. The other hand belonged to a homemaker. Youngest and I suggested that she might want to have her cast molded around a cup of coffee, or a vacuum handle, or a wooden spoon.

We're a couple of cards, me and Youngest.


Angela said…
You have such brilliant children.

Had I busted my 5th Metacarpal, I believe I would have my cast molded around my youngest's hand. So we can continue to stay safe in parking lots.

Heal quickly, Youngest!
Anonymous said…
It's a very stylish cast. Well done.

Duyvken said…
lagata said…
My youngest has broken >10 bones (at different times :)) - Never did he think to ask to have it molded around something.
Very cool indeed.
Anonymous said…
You are--both aces.
Anonymous said…
If I were a homemaker I'd want to consider asking to have my cast molded around a glass of wine.

If I ever break a bone, I want a black cast too. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said…
Wendy said…
What a great idea!

What's with these youngest children and the injuries. So far this season we've avoided the ER with ours. (Knock on wood.) Sledding season isn't over yet though.

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