what to wear, bring, pack and more - my advice for BlogHer 09

People are posting all over the web with advice on what to bring/pack/wear to BlogHer this year and, as a somewhat seasoned veteran, I cannot help but offer (and when I say offer what I really mean is force down your throat) my advice as well.

I know lots of people are going to tell you not to worry about what to wear/bring/pack for BlogHer but I respectfully disagree. ( I am sorry if this makes some of you anxious.) I don't care what anyone says (except I totally DO care what people say) BlogHer IS a big fashion show.
(Parentheses much?) I mean, let's look at this seriously: where else are you going to be able to meet hundreds of people you've never met before and create a new first impression? College? A new job? BLOGHER.
When ELSE are you going to have the opportunity to impress hundreds of women with your amazing Danskos/handcrafted handbag/impeccable sense of chic-casual wear? NOWHERE.
I am THE VERY LAST PERSON ON EARTH to disagree with Susan Wagner (whom I hold in very high esteem) (AND WHO IS MY BOSS/EDITOR AT BLOGHER BEAUTYHACKS) but, while I agree with her that you need not BUY anything new to wear at the conference, (dear GOD, let us not "up the ante") I disagree about not feeling any pressure to look a certain way when you attend. I think Blogher is the perfect opportunity to ENHANCE the way you look - if you follow me.
Bring the best outfits you have! Show off YOUR style!
For example: do you blog in yoga pants and one of your husband's undershirts?
Bring them to Chicago.
Do you have the best comfy jeans and cute tee shirts?
Blackbird saw Bossy rocking the jeans and tees one year.
My friend Poppy blogs in Lily Pulitzer and heels - you can bet she'll be showing up in all her pink and green finery.
My point is that you should look like you.
Does one change in the evening? Enquiring minds want to know...
HELL YES. It wouldn't be Blogher if I didn't have to pay $15 to check my extra-heavy suitcase at the airport!
I tend to plan on at least three outfits per day: I start with something comfortable and linen-y for breakfast. During the lunch break I forgo chitchat and find a place to change into something slightly dressier (tough going at the Navy Pier where the ladies room was a long distance from the conference rooms) and THEN, if I have time, I like to whip out the formal-wear for cocktails. (Could I get away with old bridesmaid dresses? I wonder!)
What do people wear at night?
The ladies I hang around with wear flannel pajamas. Yes, I know, Blogher is in JULY, but this has never stopped anyone from wearing their Nick and Nora's. What do I wear at night? How I wish I could say nothing but a smile - but it's not true.
I'm pretty sure I've worn yoga pants and one of K's tee shirts.

In the end, Susan's commenters have the right idea. One of them challenged herself to buy a few new things on a teeny budget, one realized that she can wear her favorite go-to outfits and Poppy? Well, it sounds like Poppy will be wearing what she wore last time around.
And I might too.
See you there?


I just bought two new pairs of sandals, a new shirt, a new messenger bag and new pajamas to go visit family in Atlanta.

You'd think I was going to BlogHer!
unmitigated me said…
I was looking forward to meeting you and Poppy both, but I see you have a category called "Why so serious?" and now I'm a little concerned...
Anonymous said…
You mean you aren't going to get a fabulous new pair of shoes? Seems like a shopping spree would be in order for an event of this magnitude. Even a mini one.

Have fun!

Poppy Buxom said…
Well, I might pop (get it?) for new pajamas. Because I just saw some today with poppies on them. Because that would be so dorky and forcing-down-the-throat! Which I am!

I mean--Poppy wearing POPPIES. Get it? Hunh?
Ree said…
I'll be there. Possibly in yoga pants. Probably in my cute shoes. Undoubtedly with a grin on my face.
Miz S said…
I will not be there. If I WERE there, I would probably be in jeans. Or maybe my Banana Republic crops if I were feeling fancy. I'm not so much with the dressy.

Also, if I WERE there I would totally be hanging with you and Ms. Sunshine.
Elan Morgan said…
Three outfits a day?
You are far more inspired than I, although I have picked up a couple of inexpensive casual items to make it look like I don't hang around in a t-shirt with a grease stain most days.

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