The days roll into each other effortlessly.
We go to the beach, we eat great food (in some restaurants this year!) and go to bed tired from walking and climbing and, uh, eating.


K and I took Youngest to Great Island for low tide one day at 6:30 in the morning.

new hair

Youngest seems old this year. It could be the new haircut - it could be being 15, but he's definitely older. He's fun to be with too, unless he's sulky...well, maybe not sulky - maybe petulant. Anyway, he's good company.

So we took him to Great Island and he skimmed.

at Great Island

(I don't know what he's doing in this photo, not skimming.)

boys walk

Or, we walk into town with him for coffee....

K's favorite car

look! Someone has borrowed K's favorite car and taken it to Wellfleet for coffee!

What's my favorite thing I hear you asking?

<span class=

This print. Maybe not my favorite thing in the whole world, but I luff it.


he bought a pig

Likes this pig.

So, the other day, we arrived en masse at the beach. There's nine of us. We huff and groan and help the grandmas get down the dunes and look to set up camp. We find a spot we like and begin dropping stuff and unfolding chairs and planting umbrellas and did not realize that we were very close to another family's camp.

Suddenly, Patriarch Gorgeous springs from his chair to collect some of their things - a stray pair of shoes, a shirt...so that we have more room. I didn't want to impose and was going to have our group move a little but he was cheerful and insistent.


And it wasn't just him, as you can see in the background of that picture of Patriarch Gorgeous, they were EACH handsome.

hat guy

Good hat too, don't you think?
I really should have taken pictures of all of them - but he was sitting right behind K, who was also wearing a white shirt on the beach, and so I was DISTRACTED, because I go weak in the knees for a white shirt on the beach.

cool family

Matriarch Gorgeous was spot on too. The hat, the shirt, and she had that perfect hair...a bit of curl, some soft blond, I'm telling you, the whole family was very attractive.

It was about 60 degrees and getting cloudy that day. Windy too. We left shortly after the Gorgeous Clan packed up.

There's only one thing to do when you are too cold on the beach; go home and eat.
Which brings me to this, as we went home and had freshly baked cookies:


Pictured above are three large flattened tin cans. They were in the oven, on the lower rack. If I can think of a prize, I'll give one to the person with the best comment on why they think the previous tenant had those cans in the oven.


kayare said…
To stand in for a missing cookie sheet? I had used layers of foil in my Wellfleet cottage 2 weeks ago for this purpose. Fresh cookies after a cold beach trip are a must.

Loretta said…
I have no idea, but thanks for the peeks at Wellfleet. Sigh. I needed that.
Anonymous said…
they were being dried, after being washed, so they could be recycled.

Sharon said…
They were home-made peanut-shaped cookie cutters. The oven is just a convenient cookie cutter storage cabinet.
Anonymous said…
My husband has baked bread in a coffee can, so my guess is that they were baking buns or something? Buns for lobster rolls.

btw, I would be very disturbed if someone were to take pics of me at the beach!
jordi said…
They were put there as a test for the recycling fairy. They were trying to see if she (recycling fairies are ALWAYS female) could sniff out recycling in hard to find places.
And you recycled them, right? That makes YOU the recycling fairy.

the world is so much simpler than we try to make it!
MsCellania said…
Oh dear. Looks like some forgot their pots to piss in.
I think they are in the oven to rest the cookie sheet on them. you get air flow under the pan and perfectly even browning of the chocolagte chip cookies.

Or something like that.

Sounds like a good vacation. I wish it was warmer and sunnier for you.
Keetha said…
Intrigue! Please let us know what you find out about those cans. I'm at a loss.

My mind is still boggling at the 60 degrees and the beach thing. The beaches I visit in the summer on the Gulf Coast, temperatures are ... hot, very hot, all day.
Jen on the Edge said…
I think the cans were put there just to mess with your brain. :-)

Love Youngest's haircut. Very sharp. I'm thinking I'd like to set him up with my older girl in about 10 years. There's only a 4 year age difference...
Anonymous said…
The previous tenant missed recycling day and had to hide the cans from the owners? By the way, it's pretty nippy further north here on Cape Ann, too.
Anonymous said…
Shoot, I haven't had my coffee yet, so a clever idea about those cans is not forthcoming. But I will think about it as the day progresses.

I'm in love with Wellfleet, and I haven't even met it in person. Thanks for taking us along.

Anonymous said…
The cans were damp from the beach when the previous tenant packed to go home, and they didn't want to pack them damp because then they would mildew and smell awful, so they put them in the oven at 200℉ to dry out. And clean forgot about them. The proof is that the oven was still on at 200℉ when you guys got there right? And if you could magically see the previous tenant right now you would see how very sad they are because they forgot their now-dry special cans.

I am so pleased that you considered your beach neighbor matriarch gorgeous and handsome, because to my eye she appears to be a Woman of Substance (as opposed to an anorexic b!tch). I happen to be a WoS myself, and it does my heart good to know that that fact does not necessarily preclude one from being considered gorgeous and handsome.
Susie Sunshine said…
Your land-locked readers appreciated these peeks at the beach!

As for the cans, to me it seems obvious that the prior tenants suffer from iron-poor blood and are trying to remedy it.(Also, that they aren't very smart about curing the condition.)

Years ago when we rented a cottage, the prior tenants left half a bottle of Absolut in the freezer AND CALLED TO SAY THEY WERE COMING BACK FOR IT.
Of course, there was a lot less in the bottle when they arrived...
Anonymous said…
I LOVE Youngest's new haircut!
Anonymous said…
And K's too. At least from this angle, it looks like he changed it a bit.
Liz said…
They were using it for cooking, camp style.
Kelly said…
I'm probably late in guessing but, maybe the cans were used for even heat distribution in the oven?
Rose said…
The previous tenants were two lovebirds who planned a 'green' wedding. They stomped on the tin cans for good luck after taking their vows. (The chuppah was made of tinfoil, recycled from the previous evening's homemade cookies.)
jo said…
My guess would be a missing oven rack and that acted as the rack upon to rest a sheet pan or something else like a pyrex dish to keep it off the oven floor.
Oh and K, that would be my most favourite car as well.
Scpt said…
If it's a gas oven those cans are used to create a weak type of convection. That what Grandma Yates used to do. I don't know if I believe it or not but you don't, or rather didn't question Grandma Yates in her kitchen!
If it's an electric oven - absolutely no idea.
Scot said…
OK, well, apparently I can't even spell MY OWN NAME this week! Man, I need a vacation!
Anonymous said…
I had that exact car for a time. Oh, how I loved it! I bet it's heater is still running. It broiled my feet all summer long, even though it was off. Still, one forgives a thing of beauty for these small foibles.

Pretty Things said…
That looks like so much fun! We never go on vacation.

The tins.. ah. Looks like a really, really bad attempt at making an ersatz pair of flip flops gone horribly wrong. In the oven because the drunk who tried to make them didn't want to explain why he made three and under the bathroom sink he was already hiding his collection of conch shells with conchs still stubbornly, stinkily attached.

(That last bit? Ex-roommate did it. Kid you not. She also put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher. She provided much hilarity and head slaps for the college vacation. Maybe this is WHY I don't take vacations anymore?)
Did you do any hiking on Great Island? I hear that it has many hiking/walking trails.
Great Island said…
Did you do any hiking on Great Island? I hear that it has many hiking/walking trails.

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