still lifes

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In my beach bag.

<span class=

On the floor.

<span class=

Travel brochures, ignored.

<span class=

Baby toys.

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The Meal.


My dinner.

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So. Many. Chairs.

<span class=

That baby.


Anonymous said…
Looks like a grand ole time in that beach house, Blackbird!
Anonymous said…
The food looks perfect!
Anonymous said…
Awwwww, that baby ...
Lover Lady said…
Mmmmm....I love "nibbly" dining.
robiewankenobie said…
turns out that a trip to new england, including wellfleet!, was on papa foegies bucket list. he returned with a relaxed face and a big happy smile. i can see why.
Anonymous said…
Very nice. Thanks for taking us along.

Caterina said…
Prosciutto !!!! YUM
RW said…
looking to buy?
Annagrace said…
Fancy fitting Gavin Newsom in your beach bag...;)

It does all look delicious. All of it.
Magpie said…
That is my idea of dinner.
Pretty Things said…
Prosciutto? Have you ever had it with cantaloupe? Divine. I learned about it when I lived in Italy.
Amy A. said…
I would like to encourage you to eat more veggies! :) Although, the green of the apple was nice.

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