sexy swimwear

My title is an experiment.
Do you think I'll get more hits with a title like that?
I only half care.
I'm tired, people, but in a good way.
Things are humming along.
Meatloaf for dinner and plenty of beverages in the refrigerator.
Everyone has clean socks and K and I had a glorious day at the beach for my birthday.
I haven't done much to plan for Chicago, but my pal M did drop off a suitcase. (I'm hoping it will qualify as a carry-on and that I can get 53 outfits in it.)
My problem for today? Find a bathing suit (for my Italy trip).
Of all the things I've had to replace this year, I forgot about a bathing suit. A bathing Costume.
J Crew had plenty - too expensive for my taste, and there were some on the sale page but none of the tops and bottoms matched in my size.
There were lots of ugly offerings from the Gap and Overstock.
There were back-to-school things featured on half a dozen other sites.
Anthro had some adorable offerings but I don't want to spend $120 on a Bathing Costume. And, yeah, the suits at Anthro are truly spectacular but I'm thinking they need to be tried on (and they aren't in the stores).
The answer?
Old Navy.
I've ordered two different suits in two different sizes.

I'll report back.


Miz S said…
My girls got adorable, very retro-looking one piece Bathing Costumes at Target. I'm wearing a head-to-toe Bathing Costume this year. Sun worries, y'know.
RW said…
shopping by mail.
I am in awe of this process. It sounds so easy. It would not be easy here up North.
Anonymous said…
Bathing costume. Haven't heard that in ages. I may have to adopt the phrase.
My current bathing costume is the anti-sexy.
It looks like a pair of shorts for the bottoms (complete with pockets?) and the top looks like a very well constructed tank top with tremendous support for the girls.
I get NO second looks at the pool.

And you might buy one without trying it on? I can't wrap my brain cells around it.
The Coffee Lady said…
Oh. It's not okay to wear the same one for ten years?
Anonymous said…
I love the IDEA of a bathing costume, and fell in love with a gorgeously retro one-piece by Juicy Couture at Nordstrom last winter...but it was soooo expensive, so I didn't buy it. Well, the price itself wasn't tremendously outrageous, but when you factored in that it was for a tiny garment that I would probably only wear a few times a year, if that, then yes, crazy spendy. I still think about it though, because it fit, it flattered, I felt good in it, and mabye I should have considered it as "investment dressing." Maybe you should too! Really, how often do you get to Positano? And don't you want your memories of yourself on the beach to be photogenic and stunning?

Anonymous said…
You'll get to Positano often!
Because I said so.
Anonymous said…
I've decided, today in fact, that the best Bathing Costume is an attractive cover up. Okay, maybe post Bathing Costume. We went to the lake today, and I couldn't take my eyes off this one. It was perfect. I'm on a mission.

Caterina said…
Either you are very brave or you know what you're doing, because I could never get away with buying a suit online.
I hope it turns out well and you like it :)
Jenny said…
You should try modbe. I think that's what it is called. Cute, funky and flattering.
Lover Lady said…
There are no bathing suits left in the stores here, so I had to buy one online. Which I did this week. From Land's End. For half off. Try it. The only issue was trying to mix and match the pieces in my size, but I came up with two options and purchased them both (free shipping!) and will return the one I like the least.
Anonymous said…
It's crazy how the stores are out of bikinis and swimsuits already. I sell great bikinis and swimsuits 12 months out of the year since it is always summer some where. Check us out if you like at Sexy Lingerie Nights. The very best to you all.