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I'm going to give this a shot.
I get in at 10:15 on Thursday.
I've calculated that Poppy's Deluxe Apartment In The Sky is a 19 minute walk from the Sheraton and I'd be happy to split a cab with someone.


Will I see you at any of the parties?


Miz S said…
Wow! Poppy's apartment is right on the water? That's very cool.

Wish I was going to be there with you.
Anonymous said…
What Miz S said and no, you won't.

My WV? mencepoo
Anonymous said…
Please don't get in a cab with any dangerous strangers, even if you "met" them over the internet.

What Paula said.

The Coffee Lady said…
An Apartment in the Sky? How do they do that?
Caterina said…
Oh I wish, but 'no' you won't see me there.

If I was there, rest assured it would be OK to share a cab with me :) ....really jbhat
Ree said…
Hey. You'll see me there.
Neil said…
Are you flying into Ohare or Midway?
Poppy Buxom said…
I think you're right about the 20 minutes, but those are driving instructions. You don't need to go out to Lake Shore Drive.

When you're walking, keep going north at Huron, cross Chicago, and take the walkway between the Museum of Contemporary Art and Lake Shore Park. The walkway takes to straight to Dewitt. One block north on DeWitt, take a right on Chestnut and you're there, baby.

I'm typing all this in for the benefit of your friends who will be at the Sheraton. Because you'll be chez Poppy, of course.