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Mary said…
what an amazing moment

like the last of nappies and not having to do their seat belts up for them..
Badger said…
OMG, I know, right? It starts earlier every year. We'll see Christmas decorations in stores on August 1st, mark my words.
The Coffee Lady said…
What in heaven's name is a cubbie?
Anonymous said…
I meant to write something, but you won't believe my WF:


even WF heard, none of them is a boy ANYMORE

YAY but also sigh no?
Anonymous said…
I saw school supplies the weekend before July 4th at Target. I RAN out of the store.
I was looking for picnic supplies yesterday. All I found were spiral notebooks, pens and miles of Crayola.

On the other much will you be dropping at Blood, Bath and Beyond? I gave them 2 paychecks before Sorority Girl's first semester.
Anonymous said…
Christmas stuff will be up before you know it. Argh, retail!

Liz said…
Nono, halloween first! Now just school supplies galores.
RW said…
this is sheer craziness.

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