50 things about me

  1. I'm pretty sure my hair is white.
  2. I can't sleep without my nightguard.
  3. I love linen...
  4. ...and the smell of laundry soap.
  5. I would choose pasta over rice.
  6. I have very little upper body strength.
  7. I like salty stuff.
  8. I cannot sit backwards on the train.
  9. I can read in the car.
  10. I'm not especially good at giving driving directions.
  11. My ears are not pierced.
  12. I can knit a rectangle.
  13. I like to swim.
  14. I dislike powerboats but enjoy sailboats.
  15. It thrills me that I live with four men.
  16. I think I've lost my taste for Chinese food.
  17. Anthony Bourdain pleases me.
  18. Mario Batali not so much.
  19. Ito En Teas' Tea every day.
  20. Presently, I am enjoying iced decaf coffee, with milk and simple syrup.
  21. I don't do well with caf.
  22. I never remember to exfoliate.
  23. Size 6.5/ 37/ 4/32/ small.
  24. Over easy.
  25. Whole wheat/seven grain.
  26. I don't like sci-fi.
  27. I have to have something heavy on top of my feet to fall asleep.
  28. No one is allowed to drive my car.
  29. My head is too small for any kind of headband.
  30. In my house, we drink whole milk.
  31. I get emotionally attached to everyday objects.
  32. People lie. All the time.
  33. I greatly admire people who take pleasure in their professions.
  34. There is nothing stronger than my marriage.
  35. I do a number puzzle every day.
  36. Some days I like salad, some days I hate it.
  37. I don't do well in noisy places.
  38. K is taking me to Positano in September.
  39. My brother, B, is staying at my house.
  40. Lately, I've been craving french fries.
  41. I love condiments.
  42. Sometimes I buy different toothpaste.
  43. It can take me months to finish a bottle of shampoo.
  44. I like to sprint for the train...
  45. ...in the right shoes.
  46. Everybody's funny.
  47. I'm developing a taste for bourbon.
  48. Moby/George Thorogood/Jet/The Cure/The Killers/Nine Inch Nails.
  49. I like to ride on the back of the scooter with K and squeeze him tight.
  50. It's my birthday.


Anonymous said…

Lurv you,
mizz_b said…
Happy, happy birthday, blackbird! Thank you for sharing pieces of your life with us.
RW said…
I am delighted to wish you a very Happy Birthday and happy to hear you are going back to Positano.
Lauren said…
I hope ou have a wonderful day...
robiewankenobie said…
i love how you tuck in your BIRTHDAY! and POSITANO! into the list, you saucy minx. have a truly happy birthday, m'dear, and make sure you find the time for a scooter ride.
ssheers said…
Happy Birthday !!!
Anonymous said…
happy birthday my dear sister. see you in a month and a half!

karenth said…
Happy, happy birthday BAAA-BY!
I got you on my MIIIII-IIIIND!

can't remember the name of the group, probably because I'm old and gray and you are NOT -- yet!

Happy Natal Day!
Happy Birthday!
jo said…
Happy birthday and congratulations on Positano! I'd be counting the days.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday- thank you for this blog and its peace and sanity - I was so worried that it would change and not for the better when you returned to work - but I look forward to the posts even more now. xo
MsCellania said…
Happy Birthday, dear bb!
Your posts are such jewels and are a daily gift to your readers.
The 4 thrilling men better spoil you today.
Happy Birthday! The 50's ROCK!

POSITANO! I'm so happy for you.

I'll add my thanks for your blog.
It's on my list of favorite things.
Badger said…
Oh, happy birthday to you, my friend!

Crossing my fingers for Positano. And my toes. Bring back some of Paola's lemons!
smalltownme said…
Happy Birthday! And yes, I did read all the way to 50.
Paula said…
Happy Birthday to you dear bb!

Ditto to what Badger said!
Miz S said…
Positano remix! SWEET!

Happy birthday, honey.
unmitigated me said…
Happy birthday, dearie! Are you forty-ten? Or was the number of list items randomly chosen?
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! Sending you a virtual birthday hug (I'm a hugger, I can't help it).
cary perk said…
happy birthday! wishing you a fabulous day and a wonderful year!
Adriana said…
I just got back from Positano. It is a magical place! Enjoy it!! (You should eat at Chez Black, right on the beach...)
Anonymous said…
So glad you were born, bb. And so glad I found you and your blog. Have a wonderful day and year.

Anonymous said…
You OUTED! On your birthday!!!
Happy Birthday my sweet Bb, I am counting the days.
If I lived with THOSE four men, I'd be thrilled too.
Jen said…
Have a very happy birthday! I also love the smell of laundry soap.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, bb! You show me a whole different side of life (that is somehow not so different from my own in many ways).

I adore that you like George Thorogood! My husband and I are going to see him in concert with Johnny Lang at Grand Casino in Hinckley, MN, in August; I have a "guilty pleasures" post percolating in my head to put up on the blog then.
might I add...? said…
Happy birthday, bb! Thanks for getting me to de-lurk! I always look forward to reading your updates.
Jen on the Edge said…
Happy happy happy birthday!
Kiki S said…
creeping out of the shadows to wish you a happy birthday! Since I'm here, I'd like to mention that I've enjoyed reading your site for years. Thank you.
Amy A. said…
Happy Happy!! Love the list.
Anonymous said…
Hey! Happy Brithday. A toast to your next year.

Anonymous said…
I hope your family finds fifty ways to spoil you!

Happy birthday.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, bb!
You are a treasure to the internets.
Mary said…
Happiest of happy birthdays to you dear bb and oh Positano! I am so happy for you...

Emily said…
Happy Birthday!!
kayare said…
Happy Birthday, great person that you are!
islaygirl said…
Happy Birthday BB!!!
Ree said…
Happy Birthday blackbird!
Loretta said…
Happy birthday to the sweetest bird I know!!
Suse said…
Happy birthday honeybun!

If K takes you to Italy for your birthday, how about you take him to Australia for his?
The Tutugirl said…
Happy Birthday!!
Poppy Buxom said…
Happy birthday. I take it you've finally reached the age of reason?
Julia said…
Happy Birthday yesterday!!
Lover Lady said…
Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was wonderful.
Julie aka bunnygoround
Rae said…
OH no I missed it! Happy late birthday!!!

I love your lists, have always loved your lists, and I heartily agree with number 16 and with number 49, but with my Chinua. And we drink whole milk and I love living with four men, although mine are younger and I'm really excited that you're going back to Positano!
Caterina said…
HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!!

Hope it was a lovely one :)

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