whilst walking

I told you I've been walking from the station to my office - 16 blocks, which means I don't get to see little kids going to school but I do get to feast my eyes on all sorts of sights....

Today I was nearly hit by a woman in a red skirt who was riding one of those folding bicycles. It wasn't my fault, she had swerved around a taxi which had not turned the corner as I was crossing the street, but she gave me a fright. I thought she might slow down and yell at me or even turn around and see if I was okay, but she kept peddling and didn't look back.

I passed a kid in cap and gown. He was beaming, walking along with his mother. And then, steps later, I passed a young woman with a rose in one hand and a wee stuffed bear in a cap and gown in the other. If the weather permits we will watch Middle graduate tomorrow. (I cannot imagine the weather permitting ANYTHING at this point. It rains every day and there are severe storms being forecast for tomorrow morning.)

Along the avenue, I found myself amongst a group of people on their way to the gym. Water bottles, shorts, flip flops - one doesn't usually see these outfits in town, save for early in the morning.

The fruit men on the corners have a lot of berries now and I need to stop and buy a box of them to bring to lunch. One of the ladies I lunch with always has the nicest looking strawberries as she walks through the green market on her way to work and buys them then. She has been on an asparagus kick of late - asparagus in some form for lunch every day for weeks - and she made the most delicious asparagus soup in the world. But yesterday she had taken advantage of the berries in the market and brought in the MOST amazing berry crumble I have ever had.

I turned the corner onto my street and got excited. There is a huge feature film shooting on my street and I lovelovelove to look at the crews and the trucks and see what's up. This is certainly one of the biggest shoots I've ever spied on with dozens of trucks on the street and cables everywhere. They are using the building next to my office for "holding" which means there must be an awful lot of extras and the kitchen facilities they've set up are very impressive. Last week there was a giant 18-wheeler kitchen truck with a tent behind it in which prep chefs were doing mis-en-place. Stunning. You can tell the day before the crew is going to arrive as the entire street gets blocked off with orange traffic cones. Then the Teamsters arrive and sleep in vans, then the haggard-looking PA's show up and, between lunch-time and the time I go home the whole shebang is up and running. By the time I come back to work in the morning (it's a night shoot) everything is all shuttered up, locked tight, waiting for it to start again.


You are the BEST people/places/things observer!
That One said…
Ooh! They're filming movies all over my area. I've not had a chance to watch the operations closely yet. I'll get my chance next week, though!

And I agree with Little Miss (comment 1)..your are the BEST observer!
Anonymous said…
Readign these kind of posts makes me daydream.
Anonymous said…
These last two posts are so great. Your slice of life observations are my favorites. And I cannot wait to hear about Middle's job. Something about wrapping a person in duct tape...intriguing!
Caterina said…
You keep me fascinated with the people watching and descriptions :)

Any chance of celebrity sighting then? Do you even know the movie name?
blackbird said…
Not a celeb in sight!
KPB said…
That woman eating all that asparagus must have really stinky wee by now.
Mary said…
I would like to photography that woman in red on a bike. As long as she wasn't running you over.

I would also like to photograph your family at Middle's graduation. What a happy day!

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