the weekend in pictures

Aside from K and I feeling emotional and sentimental, graduation was somewhat ridiculous.
Middle would have been happy not to participate but, while we agreed to do NOTHING to celebrate his graduating, K and I felt it was important for him to "walk."

We awoke to very threatening skies and one very creased gown.

do not wear

Apparently, the gowns cannot get wet.
I'm sure this proved interesting in households wherein the graduate wore something white beneath their gown-that-was-the-color-of-an-old-Chevy-Impala.
Also? The folds do not "fall out" and one is forced to find a heat setting on the iron somewhere between "completely ineffective" and "melt."

Because though the weather held during the two hour ceremony (dear GOD, why must they recite The Road Not Taken?!) it rained pretty damn hard before the two hour ceremony, which meant for 300 very wet chairs and a very muddy field.

wet chairs

Middle was close to the front of the processional.


Which really only proved to make me a little miserable as he got his diploma during the first hour...

Middle hidden

There he is, getting the handshake. What's that you say? You can't see our darling Middle for the photographers? Sorry, you're upset because the cameramen are completely blocking your view? Fear not. The irony is not lost on me.

<span class=

There were occasional moments of anarchy. (Youngest wondered how they sneaked the beach ball IN - I wondered how they blew them UP.)

There were plenty of kids who customized their caps (I am pleased to tell you.)

<span class=

Did you know the "Rat A Tat Tat" thing? I did not.
Also, they had no valedictorian, though there was a guy who spoke whom everyone seemed to love (much cheering). I'll have to ask Middle about him and how he was chosen.

hat toss

The hat toss was a little anticlimactic. Then again, Middle made sure the whole thing was as anticlimactic as possible. He did pose for me, on the sweltering, muddy field. He put his hat on TOP of his head, rather than on. Then he went and got his real diploma from the cafeteria and we went home.


There he is. My Middle - with his cap and gown.
On the road not taken.
By himself.
(The way he likes it.)
Fear not.
This irony is not lost on me either.


If we had actually SEEN Middle getting his handshake, we may have passed out from the shock!

How many kids were in that class?
Mine went to a very small high school where the graduating class was under 200. Short and sweet,under an hour.

I'm off to Google the Rat-A-Tat-Tat
Jen on the Edge said…
Congrats to Middle -- both for graduating and for staying true to himself.
Angie said…
Congrats all around.
Badger said…
Oh. Well. Happy graduation to Middle, then. Onward and upward, eh?
blackbird said…
Ed. Note: not the Dr. Dre song.
Anonymous said…
I wouldn't have expected anything different from dear Middle.
Onto new horizons for him.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the happy occasion--here's to greatness ahead!
i found myself getting all emotional. :) funneh... :)

congratulations. it sounds like you've raised and independent thinker and a strong son. how wonderful.

(btw: i loved the hat customizations too.)
Anonymous said…
I chuckled at "completely ineffective" and "melt."

I wonder why they hold it outside in the first place if the g-d gowns cannot get WET. Seems like just plain old bad planning to me.

I too say congrats on being done with HS to Middle. The high school years are WAY overrated.
MsCellania said…
Congrats to Middle! You did it!
Congrats to you guys for helping him get there, and not cramping his style too horribly.
Btw, I expect he is gonna be famous but WE WILL NEVER KNOW NOW, will we?!!!
Pretty Things said…
Congratulations -- and oh, that last photo and the last words, just got me straight to my heart.
Ree said…
Congratulations Middle!

And to you and K - we sat through 423 graduates not too long ago, and those bleachers? not.comfortable.

What a wonderful boy you're raising.
Anonymous said…
NOT the Dr. Dre song?
What a rip.
I admire that streak of independence.
Didn't I hear some little tease about a job?

Miz S said…
I truly enjoy graduations, except for the loooooong sitting part. But I can't figure out any other way for them to do it.

Congrats to your boy, blackbird. Well done.
Mary said…
Nevertheless there is something about this post that tugs at my heart.

Road not taken and all....

I love how true Middle is to himself and how you both support him in that.
alice c said…
There are new and wonderful things to learn and people to meet around the next bend in the road. Go for it Middle!
Eliane said…
Oh dear, I am sooooo glad they don't do this in Canada. Congratulations anyway!
Anonymous said…
I am a great fan of those who do not simply move with the tide, those who make their own way.

Thus, I am a great fan of Middle.
Elan Morgan said…
I was not much for my own high school graduation, either. And I ended up wearing a more-green-than-teal dress with a crinoline, lace overlay, and puffy sleeves. At least he was saved that embarrassment.

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