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Remember how I said I've been making fewer mistakes at work? Yeah, well, FORGET THAT.
I'm great at fixing them, though. You ALMOST wouldn't know I screwed up.
Also? I have ANOTHER pair of shoes that tear up my feet.
I stopped at the pharmacy yesterday, on the way to work, to purchase some kind of foot-saving pads and was completely overwhelmed by the choices and unable to make a decision - which isn't like me.
What can it mean when there are 20 or so products available to keep your shoes from tearing up your feet? It's not good - I know that.
I could really use a piece of chocolate right about now, and, I'm sorry to say, I don't think I like milk chocolate anymore. Someone at work, when offered a piece of milk chocolate last week, said: I don't care for milk chocolate and, suddenly, I realized THAT I DON'T EITHER.
I plan on blaming it on my maturing palat.
Let's see...what else...did I tell you that Oldest found his keys? HE DID. They were on the beach, not in the water, and he was pretty thrilled. He's started to bring me beach glass (he works for a guy who has a house on the beach) so it's starting to feel like summer.
Do you know, as soon as Middle was back in the car on Sunday night there were photos of the concert he was at on line?
We got wifi at work.
Did I mention that?
We have big plans with the wifi at work. I'm excited.
Did I mention that our weekend was planned in a family meeting at 9pm on Friday?
It was coordinated by the hour - much like my office life.
Middle set it up on a spread sheet on his laptop and it went something like this:
Call times were set for 6am and 10am depending on age.
K and I arose at 5, just to be on the safe side, on Saturday and he went "to work."
Work was the drop-leaf table at the end of our bed. He was cutting a piece for his boss.
I threw in some laundry and folded some laundry and ironed some laundry.
The whole weekend went like that...orchestrated perfectly, each of us moving independently but together. Okay, then, I'll come back home to feed the dog, said Oldest, as we hashed out the two days at the family meeting.
I'll tell you: it's interesting operating as a household of adults (though Youngest still has his moments of naivite and youth).

What else can I say?

It's Tuesday.
And I'm wearing this:


Is that a copy of that Thomas Jefferson book she's holding?


alice c said…
If you are wearing one I am thinking that Grey Cardigans must be trendier in Tuvalu than they are here.
blackbird said…
Well, they are, in that fitted, J Crew kind of way - but NO, I am Angelica Huston.
RW said…
alice is funny.
boots- are you wearing boots too?
Anonymous said…
I was wondering about the book myself.
Anonymous said…
These aren't the shoes you are wearing that you maybe got from the Marais USA website are they? If they are, I am feeling responsible.

Our kiddo put a booger on his forehead between his eyes, calling it his bindi. Now if I see him picking his nose, I ask him if he needs a kleenex for his bindi.

Anonymous said…
For the keys.

for your poor feet.

Anonymous said…
I am thinking that Angelica Huston probably wishes that she could be as cool as you.
Anonymous said…
How grand about the keys and your stunning outfit.
Working compatibly is such a blessing.
Amy A. said…
I want to wear what you are wearing. I'm feeling unattractive today and that looks very attractive!
eurolush said…
Reading about your weekend made me need to take a nap.
Scot said…
Did you do the dot on your forehead also? If so, how? Eyebrow pencil? Sharpie? Red Hot? Did jbhat's son loan you a booger?
Smile, summer's comming!
Scot said…
Ummm, I know what it kinda looks like, but can anybody tell me what Anjelica Huston has hanging from her belt?
blackbird said…
- it must be a scabbard, don't you think?!
Karen Dietrich said…
Now I'm stuck on the idea of using a Red Hot as a makeshift bindi and realizing that one could create an entire line of edible face decorations. Maybe that could become a summer project for Youngest if he gets bored. :)
Caterina said…
I'm pretty good at fixing mistakes at work too. I do it quickly and cover all areas so most people don't even remember what happened :)

Glad to hear about the keys, sorry to hear about your feet.

Please send your uneaten milk chocolate this way, yummy.
Pretty Things said…
Hang in there and I'll pray for comfortable yet stylish shoes that come with free bags of dark chocolate.

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