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I'm all over the place, I tells ya. I've got a lot on my mind and plenty on my laptop. (The other night, K was walking into the room with his laptop, a gigantic Macbook Pro, I think, and he accidentally clunked me in the arm with it and, with a sudden stroke of genius, I belted out: hit me with your laptop, yeah, hit me with your laptop - hit me with your laptop, fire awaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!)

I want, and sort of need, new eyeglasses. I haven't had my prescription checked in three years and my sunglasses prescription is even older than that. But I'm torn...

Sometimes I think this is the way to go:


and, then, yesterday, I tried on a pair of these:


and they were quite heavenly. And though I have often said that as they are on my face for 12 to 18 hours a day I'd like them to have a specific look - and though these are sort of anti-glasses, I think I love them. Funny thing, though...my local optician says that these anti-glasses are not covered by my insurance and wants many more hundreds of dollars than I am willing to spend. But, when I look on line at these glasses, they are somewhat reasonable. I'm going to check with an optician in town.

I'm slightly obsessed with luggage tags of late.

luggage tag

Go figure.
A good place to look at luggage tags is at pylones.com. There are lots of cute things there. In fact, it's nearly too cute for me. I don't really do cute.


A stolen shot of the very concert Middle attended last week:


he's still talking about it.

He told wonderful stories about the very last day of school, Middle did. It seemed so poignant. Toward the end of the day all of the seniors went outside to circle of grass in front of the school. The assistant principal counted down the final seconds of school with them and gave them the letters they had written to themselves in 7th grade. It chokes me up thinking about it. He took wistful-looking pictures of the crowd. (I'm going to be very sentimental at graduation on the 26th.)

scarf - hair

Yet another freaky email from my friend Anthropologie. I own that very scarf, from that very store, but it doesn't look like that. I like her hair too. And the bird. And her posture - I LOVE HER POSTURE.

magnet bird

Yet another cute item.

old business card idea which I should use again but need to change the address

Great business card design my brother did for me nearly four years ago. Was I able to find it when I was ORDERING business cards? NO.

Cool new thing?

photo stats

Photo stats on flickr.
A brand new thing for me to obsess over.

I'd rather light a candle than curse yer darkness. I'm watching Raising Arizona.
I'm watching Raising Arizona and I'm reading Pretty In Plaid. Hard to tell which is funnier.


Ali said…
I like the rimless look, but my prescription is too extreme to be able to have them.
Badger said…
GASP! You're reading A BOOK?

I like the anti-glasses (for me I mean, though I'm sure they'd be swell on you, too) and have had them before, but as I am probably going to knuckle under and get BIFOCALS this time, I probably can't get them. Oy.
The Tutugirl said…
Try Zenni Optical. The glasses are super cheap (and from what I've heard are pretty great), so you can order different styles for not a lot of money. The catch is that the company is in China so there's like zero customer service, but when you're getting prescription glasses for $8, does it really matter?


And no, since its such a big deal lately, I am in no way connected with Zenni.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, GASP, a book????
Are you OK?
Lover Lady said…
Zenni Optical is great for cheap frame; I just ordered a pair and had my optician put in the correct lens. Saved me $150 for the frames like I wanted (I TRIED to order my prescription but it is so complicated, the lens were all messed up!).

I am waiting to read PIP. I have read all of Jen Lancaster's books--she is great. She was recently on the tour near where I live and I could find no one to go with me to the reading. I was bummed.
Mulberry Market said…
Love the glasses and love the story about middle...what a great pricipal. Please send kudos to Jenn on the new book. I loved it and felt like I was reliving high school again. What a flash back...
Annagrace said…
Raising Arizona is my favorite. And love the rimless--do it. I like the other ones too, but there is Gertrude Stein to consider, I think...
Anonymous said…
I would be torn between those two styles of glasses, too. Last year I got myself a pair of the anti-glasses style because I hated the 2/$69 pairs I had gotten at America's Best a few years before. So even though I think the anti-glasses style is probably on the downswing, I wanted them, so there. And I am quite fond of them still.

A person has to be a certain sort -- comfortable in her own skin, stylish -- to wear the first ones. You can totally do it.

Have you thought about having two (2!) pairs of glasses? So you could change them up as your mood dictated? Although the current economic climate might put a cloud on that idea...
Scot said…
Actually the first pair kinda reminded me of Harry Potter.
Send me a list of names and idioms and I'll make you each a great lugage tag. Classic brass and leather are the best. For some stupid reason I enjoy making luggage tags. Most likely because I get to get artistic!
KPB said…
Funny, I always envisaged you striking that pose, with that scarf, holding your chicken money purse while waiting for the train.
KPB said…
And rimless glasses shit me to tears. A completely baseless reaction I must say, but shit me they do. I adore the Harry Potter number though - they would look a treat on your pixie-sized being.

Now I'm shitting you to tears aren't I.
loretta said…
My mother has those glasses - but the nosepiece is clear. Extremely sophisticated and I've been leaning towards them myself.
RW said…
I like that new flickr tool.
New glasses are exciting.
I could never wear anti-glasses - my prescription is too high.
Mary said…
Random with photos?

heaven for me..
Anonymous said…
To find the perfect pair of glasses is a grand thing.
I just picked up Pretty--saving it for my plane ride next week;)

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