I am addicted to:

Stacy's Simply Naked Pita Chips
being sockless
bobby pins
Lubriderm Daily Moisture with SPF 15
The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Afrin (shut up)
Arnicare Gel

I am avoiding:

celebrity obituaries
people with coughs
egg sandwiches
mowing the lawn
sleeping with the windows open
having the car washed

but I'm interested in:

eating more fresh fruit
taking long walks on the beach
light tanning
public radio
watching old rock videos

This is a mish-mash week with my boss away for all but one day - then I leave for a week - my first vacation since I went to work.
Today I am leading a tour of 20 college kids through the office. I used to love doing this kind of thing but I happen to have a nasty head cold and am not sure how it will effect my performance.
Then I am rushing home to a meeting with Youngest's doctor to discuss our future course of action. Youngest and I are both feeling a little hopeless and frustrated - so I'm not looking forward to this conversation.
With my boss returning Thursday I'm guessing it will be a long, busy day.
I'm planning on spending Friday packing for the Cape.
(Aren't you grateful I've plotted this all out for you?)

My bathing suits don't fit me. Too big on top and bottom. I'll say it again: it's a very strange thing to be suddenly smaller and a different shape when one hadn't planned to be. And no, I am not going to shop for a new bathing suit - I'm going to wear a series of serapes and board shorts. Heck, I'm not sure it's going to be warm enough to wear a swimsuit on the Cape, so we'll see.

BTW: the house we are staying in has wifi now.


The Coffee Lady said…
More fruit - another vote here. This is officially my first fruit summer, thanks to a new job reached by a walk past the greengrocers
Caterina said…
I ♥ that house. I remember those pics. Have a wonderful time.
Pretty Things said…
I love these posts! I wish I could do one, but then I'd be under your "I Hate" list and I Love Blackbird way too much for that! (((smiles)))

(oh and cool, the word verification is "scone"!)
Loretta said…
Envying your Cape trip! Hope you see mucho sun!
jo said…
Oooo wifi means we get to hear vacation tales in real time! yes to the Stacey's, I've turned husband, the crisp man, onto them as well. Cheddar is the poison of choice.
Have a great vacation, you need one.
Miz S said…
I am also avoiding mowing the lawn. I MEANT to today, but then it rained.

I hope you hear something positive from the doctor.
Anonymous said…
Here's an old rock video that Pip and I have been enjoying - good for a laugh

But egg sandwiches, really? What about with lettuce and some avocado?
OH! The Real Housewives!
Daughter made me watch a marathon last time she was here for the weekend.
I can't decide if I love it or if I'm just horrified by the whole thing.
Paula said…
I love the beach so much I can't even tell you. I just uploaded two years worth of pictures to Flickr and at least a third were pictures from beach trips.

Good luck with the doctor.
Anonymous said…
Really? real housewives of Jersey?
I avoid egg sandwiches anyway.
Enjoy your vacation--with or without your swimsuit.
Anonymous said…
I am completely with you on the celebrity obituaries and the extended coverage that accompanies them. May they rest in peace already.

I too wish for Youngest's doctor visit to have a positive outcome.

Mary said…
Your interests could very well be my interests.

I can't help it my friend - I am feeling concerned for Youngest and keeping you all in my thoughts.