notes from the commute

The older man is larger, has salt and peppered hair and adopts a posture. He looks forward or reads his newspaper.
The other man is thin, scrappy-looking, with a wide gapped-tooth mouth. He has called the older man over to sit with him in the seats across from us. The thin man turns his body, somewhat dramatically, to face the older man and makes all kinds of attempts to engage him. But he is too enthusiastic and has an evangelical quality. The older man barely tolerates him. He feigns interest as the scrappy fellow pulls out his phone and calls the man's wife.
"You know who I'm sitting with right now?" he says loudly as if it is Jesus himself, and also his best friend, "Your husband! Want to talk to him?"
He passes the phone to the older man..."I'll see you at the station."


Anonymous said…
I wish I knew the back story to THAT one!
Anonymous said…

Amy A. said…
I wonder if the younger is a son-in-law.

Today I am making it my aim to "adopt a posture" whenever possible. I believe it will give me an air of mystery and style and make me the envy of all at my place of work.

On another note... If you wrote a little book of communter vignettes I believe a lot of people would buy it. Might just put Middle through that fancy art school. Just a suggestion. :)
Ree said…
Ali said…
You almost make me miss commuting. Almost.

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